Abraham Van Helsing was a hematologist who became a vampire hunter after his wife became a vampire. Van Helsing killed her by cutting off her head and driving a stake through her heart. Through his extensive studies on vampires he discovered that vampiric saliva contains an agent which prevents blood clotting, making it easier for them to feed. He named this phenomenon "Hannah's wink" in honor of his wife.

History[edit | edit source]

Using Fenton as a test subject, Sir Malcolm Murray hired Professor Van Helsing to help Dr. Frankenstein with experiments to find a cure for vampirism, having heard great things about the professional qualities of Van Helsing in hematology. Van Helsing immediately established a good understanding with the young surgeon, warning him first on the existence of vampire blood, and then the very existence of the creatures themselves. However, the friendship between the two doctors was abruptly cut short when the Creature, angry with his creator, killed Professor Van Helsing in a dark alley right in front of an extremely terrified Victor.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

Professor Abraham Van Helsing was an elderly man of about 70 years old, with a lean physique and a serious face. The silvery hair was thick at the sides and on the sideburns but sparse on the head. Dressed in dark and elegant suits as befitted a scholar and reputable doctor.

Van Helsing was very courteous, friendly, and willing to help others, as demonstrated in his short but intense relationship with Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Despite being a renomate doctor and a skilled hematologist, he was also aware of the existence of a demimonde populated by hellish creatures because of the tragic events of his past that made him stubborn in facing adversity with greater self-awareness.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name identifies him as the Penny Dreadful version of the character created by Bram Stoker in his novel. In spite of this, the background of the professor has been changed, as well as his end. Moreover, he does not take an active part in the hunt for the Master (who prior to Season 3 was erroneously thought to be Dracula) or the salvation of Mina Murray.
  • The role of esoteric scholar held by Van Helsing in Dracula has been given to the character of Ferdinand Lyle in Penny Dreadful.
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