You make me your friend, it's for life.
— Benny to Lewis[src]

Benny Berman is a recurring character on Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. He is portrayed by Brad Garrett.

He is a well known Jewish gangster in Los Angeles.

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Josefina and the Holy SpiritEdit

Benny meets Lewis Michener after discovering that Lewis was looking for him. Lewis informs Benny that his friends were killed by Nazis, the very same who plan to take over Los Angeles. Lewis starts by explaining who Wernher von Braun. He’s a rocket scientist in Berlin. He’s working on a new rocket with a big engine called the V-2, and everyone is racing to catch up, including a bunch of kids over at Caltech in Pasadena. Assuming the kids beat the Nazis to it, the Germans would steal that science and get it back to Berlin. And with that, Hitler now has a rocket that can reach London, Jerusalem, and New York. Lewis inquires about Benny’s boss Meyer Lansky, who sends guns and money to the Irgun in Palestine, supporting the Zionists there against the Arabs. Benny warns Lewis against mentioning his boss’ name. Lewis explains that LA is the promise land and the Nazi want to take it over. However, Benny is reluctant to help as the Jews have been cruel to him. Every temple has turned him away. Still, Lewis tries to convince Benny to help him. And so, reluctantly, Benny tells Lewis that he’ll be in touch.

Lewis is brought to see Benny in the meatpacking district. He introduces Lewis to Lenny Schiff, a member of Benny’s organization, who is being hung from a rack. Benny explains that a couple days ago, Lenny made his way to Mexico to hijack a shipment of Lansky’s weapons intended for Palestine. He killed two good guys in the process and several spics. With the weapons he stole, Lenny sold them to the Nazis. Benny passes Lewis a gun and tells him to kill Lenny. However, Lewis refuses. So, Benny kills Lenny himself.

Sing, Sing, SingEdit

Lewis goes to see Benny in Beverly Hills. Lewis is in need of help. Benny tells Lewis that if he makes him his friend, it’s for life. Lewis agrees. Later, Benny arrives at Dottie Minter's house to take her and Brian Koenig to safety.

Day of the DeadEdit

Benny, Brian, and Dottie have relocated to the Vegas home in Belvedere Heights. Tiago asks to talk to Benny and Lewis privately. Lewis explains that the Nazis are onto them and Dottie’s house is no longer safe. Brian has figured out the rocket and they need to get him out of town as soon as possible. Benny plans to take him down to Baja, where he has a private airfield. They will fly him secretly to New York, where Mr. Lansky will take care of him.

Tiago, Lewis, Brian, and Benny head towards the airfield. Unbeknownst to them, they’re being followed by Kurt, who has been on their tail since they left Belvedere Heights. They tell Brian that he’s headed for New York, where he’ll be well taken care of. Brian then makes mention of a bomb he's been constructing. After he figured out the rocket, he had a new idea of Nuclear fission. It’s similar to a thousand suns exploding all at once. It’s almost limitless. Capable of destroying a city. Lewis questions if they is truly what Brian wants to offer the world. come to a stop near the beach. Lewis asks Brian to join him for a talk. They walk alongside the shore, where Lewis kills Brian.

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Benny is a tall Jewish man with brown eyes and greying hair. At times, he can be a ruthless gangster, but he has also shown that he's quite calm and civilized.


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