Captain Branson was a captain of unknown origins and the ex-fiancé of Mina Murray.


During Captain Branson's engagement to Mina Murray he had become very feel acquainted with her brother, Peter Murray and Mina's best friend Vanessa Ives. Mina had fallen for Branson partly due to his facial hair, because since Mina was a child her ideal man would have some what of facial hair. However, on the eve of Branson's wedding during the late hours of the night, Branson and Vanessa had run into each other in the corridors. Vanessa began a friendly conversation with the Captain and then took him into a room where she, Mina, and Peter spent a great amount of their childhood together stuffing dead animals. Vanessa then seduced Branson and partook in sexual acts. Mina caught them both in their indiscretion unaware to Branson. The very next morning Mina broke off their engagement causing Captain Branson to leave the Murray estate forever.[1]


Captain Branson is partly the reason why Vanessa and Mina's two decade long friendship had ended.


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