Claire Ives
Mrs. Ives
Biographical Information
Origin Human


Cause of Death

Heart attack

Relationship Information
Character Information
Portrayed By

Anna Chancellor



First Appearance

Closer Than Sisters

Last Appearance

Closer Than Sisters

Claire Ives was the wife of Gordon Ives and the mother of Vanessa Ives. She also had a long time friendship with the Murrays, Gladys and Sir Malcolm Murray. During those years of friendship, Claire and Malcolm engaged in an affair with each other. Despite having an affair with a married man, Claire was a loving mother who cared deeply about her daughter.

Claire suffered a massive heart attack while seeing her daughter in the throes of possession. Ironically, that incident undid the damage to Vanessa's mind that her earlier possessions and institutionalization had done, but also denied Vanessa the opportunity to ever reconcile with her mother.[1]