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Familiars are the servants of vampires. Gifted with a tiny portion of a vampire's power, a familiar becomes a lustful creature, pale in complexion and desiring blood for sustenance. While it may seem that they gain power from their association with their vampire masters, familiars are as much slaves to addiction as they are slaves to their master's will. The bond between master and familiar is formed when a vampire captures an ordinary human and feeds that person a drop of fresh vampire blood. From that moment on the familiar becomes addicted to the blood of their master, and will obey without question.[1] The bond once formed transcends a mere chemical addiction however; familiars have demonstrated a mental connection with their master, responding to their master's will over great distances, and a familiar has also been observed to have called to his master in much the same manner.[2]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Agility: Familiars are very agile and articulated, so as to be able to contort their limbs in inhuman ways such as entirely bend the spine in the opposite direction. They are also able to climb walls like lizards.[3][4]
  • Enhanced Strength: Familiars has show a certain degree of strength above a normal human. Renfield was able to hold Dr. Seward somewhat easily. Another was able to push Ethan down in the Grandage Place with a simple punch.[5]
  • Enhanced Senses: Familiars can smell the blood within humans and other creatures, and their other senses seem to be enhanced as well. Once Renfield has fully transformed into Dracula's familiar, he does not need his glasses anymore. There is a good case to believe that familiars can also see in the dark. The familiars' most striking common trait is - apart from paleness - their eerie light blue eyes.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Bloodlust: The desperate craving for fresh blood makes them moody and easily prone to making reckless acts, as when one of Dracula's familiars revealed the master's plan to Vanessa.

Known Familiars Edit

  • Fenton
  • Renfield
  • Lead Familiar †
  • Boy Familiar
  • Several unnamed familiars from Dracula's den.


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