Because you didn’t scream. You’re a Pachuco, baby.
— Fly Rico to Mateo[src]

Fly Rico was a recurring character on Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. He was portrayed by Sebastian Chacon.[1]

Rico was the powerful leader of the Pachucos, a Latino "Zoot Suit" gang.


Fly Rico was thrown out like garbage from the moment he was born. He doesn't know his father. He only knows of his mother, who was a stone junkie. He did everything he could to survive. Then one day, he met Papa Pachuco. He gave Fly Rico a tattoo; three dots above a cross, otherwise known as the Pachuco cross.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Santa MuerteEdit

Fly Rico and his crew of pachucos, including Diego and Bernadette hang out in the local record shop. They notice as Mateo confronts a customer who was hooking up with his sister, Josefina in the booth.

Dead People Lie DownEdit

While at the soda machine crying, Mateo is approached by Officer Reilly and three other officers. Reilly smacks Mateo in the face and shoves him against the machine. He explains how his partner got his eye shot out and proceeds to apply pressure to Mateo’s eye, demanding that he scream. They are interrupted by Fly Rico, who pulls out a blade, forcing the officers to leave, as he reminds Reilly that there’s an entire city of Mexicans just like him, ready to protect their own. Fly Rico buys a soda for himself and Mateo. He questions why Mateo didn’t scream, to which Mateo replies that he was too busy pissing his pants. Rico’s uncle is upstairs. He was injured during the riot, which Rico advised him against going to. He tells Mateo to find him at The Cat. When Mateo asks why, he replies "Because you didn’t scream. You’re a Pachuco, baby."

Wicked Old WorldEdit

Fly Rico is held up at the Crimson Cat. Mateo arrives, spotting Fly Rico at the center of the room, dancing with two ladies. He appears almost mesmerized by the scene. Fly Rico approaches him and bring him onto the floor, where they proceed to dance, both with each other and the ladies. Rico then introduces Mateo to the queen, Rio, explaining that no one sits with him until they kiss the ring. Mateo joins Fly Rico, Rio, Diego, and Bernadette in a booth. Fly Rico recalls how Mateo stood toe-to-toe with Reilly. He asks Mateo what took him so long to show up. Mateo explains that he had to work. Fly Rico tells him that work’s for saps and gringos. Rio then invites Mateo onto the dance floor. Mateo and Rico dance center floor. Fly Rico, Diego, and Bernadette join them. Officer Reilly and at least a couple dozen officers enter the Cat. The city has issued a curfew for Mexicans as of ten minutes ago. It’s not until Reilly insults them by referring to Rio as an "albino dyke" and Rico and his boys as "pretty faggots," that the scene turns violent. Rio throws the first punch. Diego, Bernadette, and the others fight them off as Rio, Fly Rico, and Mateo escape out the back.

Fly Rico, Rio, and Mateo hold up in an alleyway. Rico is pissed that they cut his clothes. Rio informs Mateo that sometimes the cops bring razors to slash up their clothes so that they’re not Pachuco anymore. However, as far as Rio is concerned, she’s Pacho stark naked, strutting down Wilshire. Mateo points out that she's white. Rio explains that her parents are from Sevilla, in old Spain. She was born in Mexico and moved to Los Angeles when she was three. With the law now pursuing them at the Cat, Rico wonders what’s next. Rio says that next they’ll be shooting them down like Belvedere Heights-way. Rio wants to get active against the cops. She refuses to allow them to continue to beat them up and throw them in jail for no reason. She wants her piece of the American Dream, even if it means using fear to get it. Mateo is in agreement. Fly Rico reveals that from the minute he was born, he was thrown out like garbage. He only knows of his mother, who was a stone junkie. He did everything he could to survive. Then one day, he met Papa Pachuco. He gave Fly Rico a tattoo; three dots above a cross, otherwise known as the Pachuco cross. He wears it proudly and refuses to throw it away on a war that they’ll never win. However, Rio believes they can win. She wants to make LA bleed. 90 years ago, Los Angeles was Mexico. She wants to take it back. Fly Rico concedes. Later, Mateo gets a Pachuco cross tattooed on his hand as Rio and Fly Rico watch on.

Josefina and the Holy SpiritEdit

Mateo arrives at the Crimson Cat and reveals to Fly Rico, Rio, Diego, and Bernadette that his sister was assaulted by Reilly. Rico tells him that situations like this happen all the time. Rio wants to teach him a lesson. Bernadette reveals that Reilly keeps little girls down in Sonoratown, puts them on smack, and they’re his bitches. Bernadette knows the one now. Her name is Sofia. She was a good girl before Reilly got a hold of her. Mateo approaches Rico and tells him that he will get his revenge on Reilly. Diego agrees to help him.

Fly Rico, Rio, Mateo, and Diego track Reilly down. They kick in his door and proceed to attack him. They stand over a beaten and bloody Reilly. Fly Rico hands Mateo a blade and tells him to kill Reilly, reminding Mateo that it was Reilly who assaulted his sister and that they can't leave him alive now that he's seen their faces. Mateo takes the blade and slices Reilly’s throat, killing him in seconds. Fly Rico, Rio, Mateo, and Diego then pull up outside the precinct and dump Reilly’s naked body on the sidewalk before pulling off.

Children of the Royal SunEdit

Fly Rico kicks open the door to find Mateo and Rio in bed. Mateo tries to explain himself, but before he can, Fly Rico joins him and Rio in bed. He kisses Mateo and then kisses Rio. And together, the three of them continue having sex.

Tiago and Lewis kick in the door and find themselves face-to-face with Rio, Mateo, and Diego. Tiago has his gun pointed at Mateo. Fly Rico tackles Tiago to the floor, knocking the gun from his hand, and Rio throws the table at Lewis, providing them with a chance to escape; Fly Rico and Mateo down the fire escape and Rio and Diego out the front door. Tiago chases Fly Rico and Mateo down the fire escape. Mateo and Fly Rico run in opposite directions as they reach the bottom.

How It Is With BrothersEdit

Fly Rico, Mateo, and Rio are held up in a shack. Mateo refuses to allow Diego to swing for what he did. However, they believe that Diego is swinging already. Fly Rico tells Mateo that he’s different from Diego, and that’s why he got away and Diego didn’t. They hear a knock at the door. It’s Maria. Rio tells her that she's not welcome, but she’s come to bring Mateo home. She doesn't care what he’s done. All that matters is what Mateo does next. However, he refuses to leave and tells his mother that she isn’t welcome.

Sing, Sing, SingEdit

Fly Rico, Mateo, Rio, Bernadette, and the Pachucos arrive at the Cat. They dance briefly before noticing Maria, Josefina, and Raul. Mateo greets Josefina with a hug. Fly Rico takes a liking to her and asks her to dance. As they dance, he tells Josefina that she has her brother’s moves. She replies that she also has his back.

Fly Rico approaches Tiago at the bar. He remarks that Tiago has nerves showing up at the Cat. Tiago retorts that Rico has nerves showing up anywhere. Fly Rico pays for Tiago’s drinks. While Tiago may be off work now, he warns Rico that tomorrow, he won’t be. Later, he and Bernadette have drinks.

Day of the DeadEdit

Fly Rico, Rio, and Bernadette get word that Diego was murdered by cops and shares it with the crowd. Fly Rico tries to calm them down, but Rio encourages them to fight back. Fly Rico attempts to control the crowd from rioting. If they try to fight back now, they’ll either end up dead or in a cell. He refuses to be the animals that white people see them as. Fly Rico instead suggests that they walk with him and show the city exactly who they are. Mateo, Rio, and Bernadette follow behind Rico as he leads a crowd of angry citizens into town.

Unfortunately, Rio continues to incite violence and shouts "they’re killing us," to further anger the crowd. Fly Rico attempts to de-escalate the matter but it is now beyond his control. With a full blown race riot on their hands, Fly Rico and Rio flee into an alleyway, where Rico demands that Rio answer for her actions. Rio stabs Fly Rico and tells him that now is not the time for peacemakers. Mateo watches as Fly Rico's lifeless body hits the ground.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Fly Rico is a proud young Mexican man with brown eyes and black hair, who often wears flashy suits. He often exuded an irresistible bravado and was slick, smart and dangerous.


Season 1Edit

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Because you didn’t scream. You’re a Pachuco, baby."
—Fly Rico to Mateo[src]

"Hold on, amigos. Listen. You know me. I don't turn my back to any motherfucker on the planet. But we fight back now, what happens? You end up dead or in a cell for the rest of your life. Use your brains. This is not the way. We go crazy now, and we are exactly who they say we are: a bunch of animals. That's not me, and it's not you. Maybe the time comes we go to war against the whole fucking world, but tonight... we got something more important to do, so you come with me. We walk. We walk with dignity. We take down our brother Diego, and we bury him. We show this city exactly who we are. Familia."
—Fly Rico to Mateo[src]


References Edit

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