Jared Talbot
Jared talbot 306
Biographical Information

Ranch owner

Origin Human


Cause of Death


Killed By

Sir Malcolm Murray

Relationship Information
  • Paul Talbot † (son)
  • Ethan Talbot (son)
  • Mary Talbot † (daughter)
Character Information
Portrayed By

Brian Cox



First Appearance

This World Is Our Hell

Last Appearance

No Beast So Fierce

Jared Talbot is a ranch owner who took his land by force from the Apache people.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Jared Talbot is an ageing man, with a stout build and greying hair and beard. He is an uncompromising man, with a strong distaste for the indigenous people who once inhabited the land he built his ranch on, and holds a deep seated grudge against his own son for past transgressions.


Jared Talbot settled his lands after first forcibly removing any indigenous people already inhabiting the area. Years after establishing a ranch, he then pushed his son Ethan into army service, but this move proved to have grave consequences when Ethan killed his superior officer and deserted. Jared soon learned that his son had in fact joined the ranks of the Apache people he had been sent to kill, and had since become a warrior with the Apache people. One night at dinner, a band of Apache warriors attacked the ranch, quickly overpowering the guards and raiding the ammunition stores as if they had intimate knowledge of the ranch buildings. They killed Talbot's family in front of him and forced him to watch as they tortured his young daughter.[1]

In the wake of his experience, and knowing that Ethan had given the Apaches information about the ranch, Jared Talbot developed a deep desire to see his missing son repent his sins. He sent bounty hunters as far as London to apprehend Ethan, and another larger group to extract him by force from a contingent of guards on American soil, but both efforts only resulted in the slaughter of Talbot's own men.[2][3] It wasn't until Ethan was discovered walking onto Jared's own lands that Jared finally gained the opportunity to confront his son over their shared history.[1]


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