What are you crying about? Huh, Pancho? Some of the cops your people killed today, huh? You crying for them? You wetback cocksucker. My partner got his fucking eye shot out.
— Officer Reilly to Mateo[src]

Jimmy Reilly is a recurring character on Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. He is portrayed by Rod McLachlan.

He is a police officer at the Los Angeles Police Department.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Santa Muerte[edit | edit source]

While getting dressed at the precinct, Tiago is harassed by officer Jimmy Reilly. He asks if Tiago has any hair oil and refers to him as "Pancho." Lewis comes to his defense and threatens to tell everyone about Reilly’s girl in Sonoratown, forcing Reilly to back down. Tiago tells Lewis that he can speak for himself, to which Lewis retorts that he should start doing so.

Dead People Lie Down[edit | edit source]

Tiago and Lewis arrive outside the hospital, where they are confronted by fellow officers. Lewis suggests that Tiago enter around back. To them, he’s nothing more than another brown face, just like that that killed four officers today. However, Tiago refuses and faces the officers head on. Officer Reilly spits on Tiago’s face as they walk past.

While at the soda machine crying, Mateo is approached by Officer Reilly and three other officers. Reilly smacks Mateo in the face and shoves him against the machine. He explains how his partner got his eye shot out and proceeds to apply pressure to Mateo’s eye, demanding that he scream. They are interrupted by Fly Rico, who pulls out a blade, forcing the officers to leave, as he reminds Reilly that there’s an entire city of Mexicans just like him, ready to protect their own.

Wicked Old World[edit | edit source]

Officer Reilly and at least a couple dozen officers enter the Cat. The city has issued a curfew for Mexicans as of ten minutes ago. It’s not until Reilly insults them by referring to Rio as an "albino dyke" and Rico and his boys as "pretty faggots," that the scene turns violent. Rio throws the first punch. Diego, Bernadette, and the others fight them off as Rio, Fly Rico, and Mateo escape out the back.

Josefina and the Holy Spirit[edit | edit source]

Officer Reilly interrogates Diego Lopez at the precinct. Reilly has handcuffed him to a chair and beaten him mercilessly. Tiago slams Reilly against a wall and tells him to stay away from Diego or else he’ll kill him. Captain Vanderhoff arrives and calls Tiago into his office.

Josefina and Mateo walk home from the store. Josefina inquires about the bandage on his hand. Before he can reply, they are surrounded by Reilly and two other officers. He accuses them of spray painting the construction site. He then recognizes Mateo from their last encounter at the hospital. Mateo is held against the fence and restrained while Officer Reilly frisks Josefina. He grabs her breast and then sticks his hands up her dress. Mateo watches helplessly as this continues. Reilly releases them both and Josefina starts to cry.

Mateo, Fly Rico, Rio, and Diego track Reilly down. They kick in his door and proceed to attack him. They stand over a beaten and bloody Reilly. Fly Rico hands Mateo a blade and tells him to kill Reilly, reminding Mateo that it was Reilly who assaulted his sister and that they can't leave him alive now that he's seen their faces. Mateo takes the blade and slices Reilly’s throat, killing him in seconds. Fly Rico, Rio, Mateo, and Diego then pull up outside the precinct and dump Reilly’s naked body on the sidewalk before pulling off.

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"Hey, Pancho, got any more of that hair oil? Got a date with this señorita down Belvedere way, wanna look me all pachuco."
—Reilly to Tiago[src]

"You heard me, boy. What are you crying about? Huh, Pancho? Some of the cops your people killed today, huh? You crying for them? You wetback cocksucker. My partner got his f*cking eye shot out. Yeah. This eye. How's that feel? fucking cry now. fucking scream. Go on. Scream for me."
—Reilly to Mateo[src]

"Oh, didn't you hear, miss-- or whatever the fuck you are? City's got a curfew now for you folks, as of about ten minutes ago. So take your albino dyke and your pretty faggots outside to the paddy wagons. You's all going to jail, amigo."
—Reilly to Pachucos[src]

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