Josefina Vega is a main character on Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. She is portrayed by Jessica Garza.[1]

Josefina is the youngest of the Vega family. She's quiet and overlooked, but also possesses a powerful spirit waiting to be unleashed.[1]


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Santa MuerteEdit

The Vega family celebrate Tiago becoming the first Chicano detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. Josefina and Mateo congratulate him and ask to see his badge. They are joined by Raul and toast in honor of "Detective Tiago fucking Vega."

Inside the record store where Mateo works, Josefina hooks up with a guy in the booth. Mateo breaks them up and throws him out of the shop, gaining the attention of Fly Rico and his crew of Pachucos, including Diego. Josefina begs him to stop but Mateo persists and chases him off. Josefina insists that she wasn’t doing anything and reminds Mateo that he isn’t her father. Maria breaks them up, instructing Josefina to go inside and scolding Mateo for swearing.

Dead People Lie DownEdit

At Los Angeles County Hospital, Maria, Mateo, and Josefina pray at Raul’s bedside as he lays unconscious. The shot fired glanced off his skull and caused bone fragments to shatter into Raul's brain. They are given three days before they have to remove him from the respirator. Josefina greets Tiago with a hug. Maria continues to pray for Raul’s recovery. Tiago suggests calling Father Nunez, but Maria refuses to accept that Raul will die. Two floors up, in the very same hospital, Maria gave birth to Raul. She insists that he’ll survive. Later, Mateo and Josefina sit at Raul’s bedside while Maria consistently prays. Mateo kisses Josefina on the head and goes to get her a bottle of pop.

Josefina and the Holy SpiritEdit

Josefina and Mateo walk home from the store. Josefina inquires about the bandage on his hand. Before he can reply, they are surrounded by Riley and two other officers. He accuses them of spray painting the construction site. He then recognizes Mateo from their last encounter at the hospital. Mateo is held against the fence and restrained while Officer Riley frisks Josefina. He grabs her breast and then sticks his hands up her dress. Mateo watches helplessly as this continues. Riley releases them both and Josefina starts to cry. Josefina makes Mateo promises that he won’t tell anyone, especially not their family.

Josefina and Mateo return home. Maria notices the bandage on Mateo’s hand and rips it off to discover the Pachuco mark. Maria is enraged and ashamed, but Mateo is proud of his mark. He refuses to end up like his mother, being a maid or his brother, a cop. Mateo exclaims that he’s tired of being weak and storms out. Maria follows him out the door. Josefina tries to tell her mother what happened, but Maria brushes her off. And so, Josefina walks down the street alone, where she comes across a flyer for the Joyful Voices Ministry.

Sister Molly speaks to her congregation. Josefina is among them. She asks them to join her; to stand up and be heard. She claims that Satan is among them and that they are not safe. She prays to the lord to save her. Sister Molly welcomes her congregation to be saved. She touches each of them. When she gets to Josefina, Molly invites Josefina along with her on the holy road and kisses her forehead.

Children of the Royal SunEdit

Josefina tells the story of her assault to Sister Molly; how she was assaulted by a police officer while walking home with her brother. Molly promises Josefina that the pain will go away and she must know that too many others have suffered in the same way, but have come out on the other side so much stronger. She then tells Josefina a story about her and her mother in Florida when she was 10. They got caught in a terrible storm. A group of men said they would help them out. They sat in the warm truck. Molly’s mother in the front seat, laughing and drinking, while she was in the back. However, most of it is a blur. She recalls rain on the windows, tobacco smell, and her wet dress. And then suddenly she realized "Where is my mother?" Molly assures Josefina that she will make it through this. She also advises Josefina to kick any future attackers in the groin. Josefina laughs and tells Molly how her brother, who is a policeman, taught her how to put a suspect in a choke-hold. Molly then realizes that Josefina is Tiago’s sister.

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