Justine is a young girl who is rescued from unfortunate circumstances, and taken in by Lily and Dorian.

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Justine is a graceful young woman with pale skin and the face that resembles a porcelain doll. She has long brown hair and green eyes. After being taken under the protective wing of the immortals Lily and Dorian, Justine start to wears showy and elaborate dresses in late Victorian style. However she appears like a harmless and naive girl, Justine is filled with hatred and desire for revenge against the men who abused her. Prone to violence, she is a deadly addition to the already dangerous couple.

History Edit

When she was just twelve years old, Justine was bought by a man who then sexually abused her, and ran her as a whore to paying customers. Eventually as she grew older he tired of her and turned his attention to younger girls, while for Justine herself another fate awaited. The man had her paraded into a room before a handful of spectators who had each paid £10 to watch her be tortured and killed. Dorian Gray and Lily sat among the spectators, but rather than indulge in the gratuity of the scene, they attacked and slaughtered the gathered men. Lily then drew her to herself as the first of many acolytes to come, gathered to carry out Lily's grand vision.[1][2]

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Season 3

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Justine: He bought me when I was twelve. He used me as his pet whore for a time. Like a monkey on a chain. When I got older, he grew tired of me and whored me out. Set me up on a platform and let them fuck me ten at a time. Gave me to the sailors and the Chinks and the Lascars, finally.

Dorian Gray: And then charged us £20 to see you tortured and killed. That's £20 total, mind you. £10 each. That is your worth.

- Good and Evil Braided Be

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