Lavinia Putney is a recurring character in Season 2 of the Showtime series Penny Dreadful. She is the blind daughter of Oscar and Octavia Putney, and works as a sculptress in the Putney Family Waxworks.


Lavinia Putney's blindness robbed her of many things in life, but her sense of touch and artistic skill made her a capable sculptress working in the family waxworks museum. John Clare, a new employee hired by her father, proved to have a taste for poetry, and she quickly befriended the man.[1]

The friendship was a ruse however. Oscar sought to exploit Mr. Clare's hideous visage in a new living freakshow exhibit in the museum, and Lavinia's role in the plan was to trick him into entering a cell of a new prison built for the exhibit. Mr. Clare was utterly shocked at how far he had been mislead by the Putneys, and especially at the extent of Lavinia's duplicity. Instead of being a friend to him, Lavinia only stood with her parents and gloated in the face of his dismay.[2]

Shortly thereafter, Lavinia grew concerned at the apparent absence of her parents, and her search took her to John Clare's cell, where the bodies of her parents lay murdered on the floor. Although she heard Mr. Clare's movements in the room, and called out to him he didn't reply, simply leaving her to continue her search. It was only after he had gone that she found a body and let out an anguished scream.[3]



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