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We got four bodies in the morgue, we got a fucking race riot all scheduled for tomorrow, and you're taking the day off? Listen, pal, in this life, you're a cowboy or you're an Indian. You better fucking choose.
— Lewis to Tiago[src]

Lewis Michener is a main character on Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. He is portrayed by Nathan Lane.[1]

Lewis is a veteran officer in the LAPD who becomes Tiago Vega's partner and mentor, and he is ruthless in pursuit of his goals.[1]


Lewis has family in Germany, but his immediate family resides in Los Angeles. His wife Miriam, died years ago. They had two kids, Felix who lives Glendale, who Lewis has an estranged relationship with, and his daughter, Beth, who lives in New Jersey with her three children.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Santa Muerte[]

Lewis calls his new partner Tiago Vega and gives him 15 minutes to ready. There was a homicide down by the river, and they were called in. Lewis and Tiago arrive at the crime scene of a quadruple homicide. The victims have been stripped of their clothing and mutilated, as well as painted ritualistically. Lastly, there’s a message written in blood: "Te llevas nuestro corazon tomamos el tuyo", which translates to "you take our heart, we take yours." Tiago reexamines the bodies and discovers that their hearts have been removed.

While getting dressed at the precinct, Tiago is harassed by officer Jimmy Riley. He asks if Tiago has any hair oil and refers to him as "Pancho." Lewis comes to his defense and threatens to tell everyone about Riley’s girl in Sonoratown, forcing Riley to back down. Tiago tells Lewis that he can speak for himself, to which Lewis retorts that he should start doing so.

Lewis and Tiago are called into Captain Vanderhoff's office. A maid called in a missing persons this morning: two adults and two juveniles. They brought her by the morgue, and she identified the bodies. James Haslet and his family from Beverly Hills. They're dealing with four rich white victims in the L.A. River. This gets out, and they're looking at a race war. Vanderhoff wishes those bodies were Mexican, to spare them of any outrage. While Tiago isn't so sure the suspects were Mexican, Vanderhoff would beg to differ. Lewis suggests that it's the work of the pachucos.

Tiago asks Lewis why he chose him as a partner. Lewis reveals that no one else would. He then asks Tiago why he never wears a hat. Tiago explains that he wants everyone to know he’s Chicano. He then reveals that the painting on their victims’ faces was Day of the Dead makeup, honoring Santa Muerte, folk religion from the peasants in Mexico. Santa Muerte is the angel of holy death. It’s her job to bring people to heaven. A religion was built around her as well as the other holy angels and devils. Tiago offers to talk to her mother, who believes she’s a witch, about Santa Muerte. Suddenly a band of individuals waving Nazi and American flags arrive in the park, among them Peter Craft. They are the German American Bund. He introduces himself and explains that he would do anything to keep his family safe. He believes that American has a duty to keep them safe as opposed to interfering in foreign affairs. He proposes that they enjoy their lives in America and leave the Old World to itself.

Lewis and Tiago arrive at the victims’ house. They enter to find a very religious setting; paintings of Jesus, gospel playing over the radio, etc. Lewis grabs a drink and begins looking upstairs while Tiago searches downstairs, though they both come up empty handed. All they know for certain is that Haslet was a church elder and his company is contracted to build the Arroyo Secco roadway.

Lewis continues his investigation into the growing menace of the Third Reich, which includes Richard Goss. He receives an unexpected visit from Tiago, who tells him that he’s not coming to the demolition tomorrow. Lewis informs Tiago that they all have to be there. With four bodies in the morgue and a potential race riot on the brink, Lewis urges Tiago to pick a side.

Monday morning. The Los Angeles Police Department stand on one side of the road and Raul, Mateo and the Mexican community stand on the other. Before long, Tiago arrives, joining Lewis. Captain Vanderhoff orders them to disperse. Should they refuse, they’ll be arrested. Magda arrives soon thereafter, staring down each officer as she walks past. Lewis reveals to Tiago that he’s never fired his weapon on the job. Tiago hands his weapon over to Lewis and walks into the street. He pleads with them to go home as there’s nothing they can do to stop the construction. Magda notices one young officer that’s exceptionally nervous. She whispers in his ear, sowing seeds of fear and uneasiness until he fires, killing one of the protesters. With that, a full blown riot breaks out as the community of Belvedere Heights attacks law enforcement. Tiago takes cover behind a car, as does Lewis. Magda encourages Raul to fight back. So, he finds a gun and shoots multiple police officers. Raul shoots Lewis in the arm but before he can kill him, Tiago shoots him, and he falls to the ground almost instantly. As Tiago stands over Raul’s body, at the center of the blood shed, Magda and Santa Muerte stare each other down with only a few feet in between them.

Dead People Lie Down[]

Lewis and Tiago arrive outside the hospital, where they are confronted by fellow officers. Lewis suggests that Tiago enter around back. To them, he’s nothing more than another brown face, just like that that killed four officers today. However, Tiago refuses and faces the officers head on. Officer Riley spits on Tiago’s face as they walk past.

Inside, Lewis and Tiago are approached by Captain Vanderhoff, who questions if Lewis knows who shot him. Despite knowing his attacker, Lewis tells Vanderhoff that he never saw who fired the shot. Despite numerous Mexican fatalities, Vanderhoff is only concerned with the four dead officers. He tells Lewis to come see him after he is patched up. Once Vanderhoff is gone, Tiago asks Lewis why he didn’t tell Vanderhoff the truth. Lewis covers for Raul, replying that he didn’t see anything nor did Tiago. He then tells Tiago to go find his family.

Tiago, Lewis, and Vanderhoff meet in the cafeteria, where they discuss the pending Mexican uprising. On top of the riot, they still have the Hazlett case, in which a white family from Beverly Hills was seemingly murdered in some kind of Mexican voodoo ritual. City Hall needs this resolved, so Vanderhoff orders them to conclude the Hazlett case, rather than solve it. He wants a Mexican's head on a plate.

Lewis and Tiago arrive at Hazlett’s church, Joyful Voices Ministry. They request to see Sister Molly but are instead taken to her mother and head of the Church, Miss Adelaide. They question her about James Hazlett. He was a deacon in their organization and had various obligations, such being one of their bursars. Miss Adelaide claims that he was a valued member of the church. Lewis asks her to take him to Hazlett’s office while Tiago stays behind.

Lewis goes through Hazlett’s office and asks if he had any enemies. While it seems as though he was murdered by Mexicans, Lewis wants to be thorough. Lewis asks Miss Adelaide if she’s ever gone to the Hazlett house or if he had any enemies. She claims they don’t socialize with their congregants. Lewis takes with him a few of Hazlett’s books and on his way out, is warned by Miss Adelaide that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Lewis asks Tiago if he’s ever seen the film Beau Geste. It’s about three men in a French Foreign Legion fort, in the middle of the desert. All the other soldiers are dead, and they’re about to be attacked by Arabs. The guys put the dead bodies around the fort so that the Arabs think they have protection. Lewis sums the story up by explaining that it’s essentially a con, and that’s what the Hazlett case is. Between the bodies being painted up and left in the LA River and the Spanish Message written in blood, someone wants them to think it was race related. They suspect that someone else wanted Hazlett dead and are trying to frame the Mexicans. Lewis is certain that Miss Adelaide has something to hide and is determined to find out what it is.

Lewis, Dottie, Anton, and Sam stake out a diner. As they wait, Dottie asks for a six-letter word meaning "given to fright." Richard Goss exits the diner with his bodyguard, Kurt, and an unidentified young man. Lewis takes his picture. The four of them came together in hopes of stopping the Third Reich from invading America. Sam suggests calling the FBI or Army, but Lewis doesn’t believe anyone would care. Lewis instructs Sam and Anton to follow Goss while he and Dottie follow the kid.

Lewis and Dottie track the kid who met up with Goss to Caltech. Dottie remains in the car while Lewis follows him around back. He enters the Physics Department, where he appears upset as Lewis watches him through the window. Above the door, Lewis notices a caution sign regarding explosive material.

Wicked Old World[]

Lewis arrives at the coroner’s office, where he discovers that his friends Anton and Sam were murdered; both shot in the head twice before being burned in the car crash. He asks that the coroner delay his report for a few days so that he can run down a lead. Lewis takes the bullets with him as he leaves. He cries in the stairwell over the loss of his friends. Lewis tears the collar on his jacket and begins muttering in Hebrew.

Lewis sits in his car outside Caltech looking through Hazlett’s work. He then approaches Brian Koenig, the Caltech student whom he previously followed. He walks Brian to his car and convinces him to get in. Lewis drives Brian out to a deserted highway. When Brian refuses to get out of the car, Lewis pistol-whips him, pulls him out of the car, and throws him onto the ground, before kicking him in the face. He reveals that he’s been watching Brian ever since his dinner date with Richard Goss. Lewis demands answers, otherwise he’ll throw Brian off the cliff, where the coyotes will surely eat his remains down below. Lewis tells Brian that he’s a cop and that he needs information. Brian asks if he’s ever heard of a man named Wernher von Braun.

Tiago meets Lewis at a bar. Lewis reveals that he’s taking a couple days off to bury his friend Anton. He has no one, so the chore is left to Lewis. He then tells Tiago that Sister Molly and Hazlett were having an affair. He discovered it while going through Hazlett’s temple records and real estate contracts. He bought a love nest in Malibu but used church funds, so it’s tax-exempt. He went through a lot of trouble to hide it. Lewis came to the conclusion that he didn’t want Miss Adelaide to know. Tiago is doubtful but Lewis is certain. "The only reason men hide anything is for money or for pussy." In the face of all the evidence, Tiago is convinced that Sister Molly is innocent. Lewis returns home and mourns the loss of his friends.

Josefina and the Holy Spirit[]

Lewis and Dottie meet at a cafe, where they discuss Anton and Sam’s death, and their next course of action. Lewis plans to seek help from a known Jewish gangster, Benny Berman. Lewis explains that this is bigger than their lost friends. What the Germans have planned is terrible. Dottie advises Lewis to proceed with caution.

Lewis and Dottie lay Sam and Anton to rest. While attending the funeral, Lewis is approached by Benny Berman, and the two have a sit down right in the cemetery. Lewis informs Benny that his friends were killed by Nazis, the very same who plan to take over Los Angeles. Lewis starts by explaining who Wernher von Braun. He’s a rocket scientist in Berlin. He’s working on a new rocket with a big engine called the V-2, and everyone is racing to catch up, including a bunch of kids over at Caltech in Pasadena. Assuming the kids beat the Nazis to it, the Germans would steal that science and get it back to Berlin. And with that, Hitler now has a rocket that can reach London, Jerusalem, and New York. Lewis inquires about Benny’s boss Meyer Lansky, who sends guns and money to the Irgun in Palestine, supporting the Zionists there against the Arabs. Benny warns Lewis against mentioning his boss’ name. Lewis explains that LA is the promise land and the Nazi want to take it over. However, Benny is reluctant to help as the Jews have been cruel to him. Every temple has turned him away. Still, Lewis tries to convince Benny to help him. And so, reluctantly, Benny tells Lewis that he’ll be in touch.

While reading the newspaper in his home, Lewis is ambushed by two men who kick in his door, put a bag over his head and drag him out. Lewis is taken to see Benny in the meatpacking district. He introduces Lewis to Lenny Schiff, a member of Benny’s organization, who is being hung from a rack. Benny explains that a couple days ago, Lenny made his way to Mexico to hijack a shipment of Lansky’s weapons intended for Palestine. He killed two good guys in the process and several spics. With the weapons he stole, Lenny sold them to the Nazis. Benny passes Lewis a gun and tells him to kill Lenny. However, Lewis refuses. So, Benny kills Lenny himself.

Children of the Royal Sun[]

Lewis stands outside of Tiago’s apartment as multiple offers arrive at the music store across the street. Tiago arrives and Lewis explains that LAPD are on a vendetta after Officer Reilly was murdered and his body tossed out in front of the department. This is clearly a declaration of war. Which is why Lewis was waiting for Tiago, who disappeared for 24 hours. Admittedly, Tiago hated Reilly but he swears that he didn’t kill him. He hopes this wasn’t the doing of Mexicans.

Lewis and Tiago question Sofia about Officer Reilly. It didn’t take much asking to find her. They all know about his Sonoratown honeys. Sofia reveals that she was in bed with Reilly when four Pachucos kicked the door open, cut Reilly with a razor, and pushed her out the room. Sofia recognized Fly Rico and Rio. However, she isn't familiar with the two younger guys they came with. One of them however, had a bandage over his thumb, where they put the tattoo for new recruits. Tiago suspects that Mateo is the younger Pachuco she’s referring to. He thanks Sofia and tells her she can leave, but not before Lewis gives her a couple dollars to get something to eat. Tiago now wants to see Raul, who may know where Fly Rico is.

Lewis and Tiago arrive outside his family’s home. Raul is connected through his union work. He knows everyone, and Tiago hopes that he’ll know where to find Fly Rico. He asks Lewis to stay in the car, but Lewis refuses. He suspects that Tiago isn’t telling him everything. Tiago and Lewis question Raul. He’s heard about Reilly’s death over the radio. He wonders why they aren’t out looking for the killer. Tiago needs to know Fly Rico’s whereabouts. Lewis realizes that Raul won’t speak freely in front of him and offers to go for a walk. Maria joins them and Tiago suggests that she introduce Lewis to Santa Muerte.

Maria shows Lewis her shrine of Santa Muerte. Her magic is very powerful. You pray to her, and she gives you what you want. The gold Santa Muerte-- you pray to her for your raise. The white for purity of heart, the green for justice, the red for love. And Black is for protection from all evil. None of Maria’s children believe in her save for Raul. Maria reveals that Tiago has talked a lot about Lewis. He tells Maria that she’s raised an honest man. Maria believes that it is she who should be thanking Lewis. He picked Tiago for a partner when no one else wanted a Chicano. Tiago then joins them and tells Lewis it’s time to leave. On his way out, Maria hands him a miniature black Santa Muerte figurine for protection.

Lewis and Tiago question Bernadette Romero as she’s on her way home with her child. They need to track down Fly Rico and hope that she’ll be willing to help. When she tries to brush them off, Tiago becomes aggressive. He confronts Bernadette about living in the county illegally and threatens to have her separated from her daughter and deported, which is too far for comfort for Lewis. So, he takes a gentler approach and asks Bernadette for an address where they can find Fly Rico.

Lewis and Tiago stake out the Royal Park Hotel after getting Fly Rico’s address from Bernadette. Lewis asks Tiago if he’s heard of Frederick March. He’s an actor who won the Academy Award for a movie called Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Tiago realizes that Lewis is hinting at his sporadic behavior. Tiago’s recent behavior is unsettling for Lewis. He asks Tiago what did he learn from Raul, but Tiago refuses to say. Lewis tells Tiago that either they go inside focused or not at all.

As Tiago and Lewis stake out Fly the Royal Park Hotel, a young Mexican kid rides past the car and Tiago realizes that he’s a lookout. He and Lewis go chasing after the kid. Tiago chases him into the building and up several flights of steps. Lewis catches up and they apprehend the kid before sending him downstairs. Tiago and Lewis then proceed upstairs. They kick in the door and find themselves face-to-face with Rio, Mateo, and Diego. Tiago has his gun pointed at Mateo. Fly Rico tackles Tiago to the floor, knocking the gun from his hand, and Rio throws the table at Lewis, providing them with a chance to escape; Fly Rico and Mateo down the fire escape and Rio and Diego out the front door. Rio escapes through the stairwell, locking Diego outside to be apprehended by Lewis.

How It Is With Brothers[]

Lewis and Tiago stand outside the precinct. Lewis asks if Tiago had ever seen the guy that got away before. Tiago claims he hasn’t. They proceed to grab Diego from the backseat and walk him into the precinct, where they meet the stares of the other officers. They are confronted by Officer Murphy, who questions if Diego had help. He then gets into Diego’s face, and Tiago tells him to back off. A fight erupts and Captain Vanderhoff intervenes. He places Diego into the interrogation room and tells Tiago and Lewis to brief him. They explain that there were four suspects total. They only managed to apprehend Diego. Murphy wishes to interrogate him, but Vanderhoff gives Tiago and Lewis first crack at Diego.

Lewis and Tiago interrogate Diego, though he doesn’t do much talking. Tiago accuses Diego of killing Officer Reilly, but Diego insists that he’s innocent. They have motive and a witness to put him at the scene of the crime. Tiago informs Diego that when he’s convicted, they’ll try to put him in the gas chamber. Lewis starts to suspect that maybe Diego isn’t the killer. He knows it wasn’t Rico or Rio, but he inquires about the fourth guy that got away, i.e. Mateo.

Tiago lays out Reilly’s autopsy photos for Diego. He tells Diego to imagine himself in the courtroom across from Reilly’s wife and kids. He then shows Diego a photo of another man who was sent to the gas chamber. The gas they use is cyanide. It turns their skin purple. Diego will be strapped to the chair in just his underwear so that it doesn’t get trapped in his clothes. The more he fights it, the longer the gas takes to kill him. Diego insists that he’s innocent. Lewis proposes that Diego give his side of the story. Diego claims that he was with his brother and that they went down to the river to catch something to eat. They went hunting for mud hens. He explains that if you scare them, they’ll faint. Lewis explains that they’re playing dead, not fainting. Tiago asks to be left alone with Diego, but instead, Lewis calls Tiago out into the hallway with him. As Tiago is on his way out, Diego reminds him of the plan.

Lewis wonders why Tiago is so bothered and what Diego said when he left the room. Tiago claims that Diego called him a traitor for wearing a badge. In the time spent interrogating him, Lewis has concluded that Diego isn’t the killer. Tiago goes to his desk, where Murphy asks if Diego has confessed to killing Reilly. He expresses to Tiago how much he enjoys to hear a wetback sing and proceeds to sing La Cucaracha.

Lewis and Tiago tell Captain Vanderhoff that they haven’t gotten far with Diego. He’s given the two of them the first shot at Diego because that’s the kind of world he wished they lived in, and then like countless well-meaning precinct captains before him, he gives into reality and allows someone like Murphy to get a crack at Diego. He gives Tiago and Lewis another 45 minutes to get Diego to confess or else Murphy will get his chance.

One thing Lewis has learned in all his time as a cop is that when someone’s telling you a story, usually there’s something in it, such as Diego’s story about the mud hens. The part about Diego’s brother doesn’t add up. He suspects that maybe Diego’s brother is the other guy that Tiago chased after. However, Diego says that it wasn’t his brother. With only 30 minutes left before the other officers have at Diego, he’s becoming more and more concerned. When Diego reveals that his brother is dead, Tiago takes off his jacket. Lewis questions why Diego even involved his brother in the story and how Reilly’s involved.

Just as Diego is about to reveal the truth, Tiago slams his head on the table and puts the gun to his head. Lewis slams Tiago into the wall and pulls him out into the hallway. He realizes that the fourth guy is Tiago’s brother. He’s upset at Tiago for not telling him sooner. He’s stuck his neck out for Tiago numerous times and yet he didn’t tell him the truth. Tiago wonders what Lewis will do now that he knows the truth. Tiago explains that Mateo was there when he shot Raul. He saw everything and has been angry since. Tiago blames himself for what Mateo did to Reilly.

Lewis and Tiago return to finish their interrogation of Diego. Lewis reveals that he grew up in Jersey City and it wasn’t so different from Belvedere Heights. All in all, poor folks will always be left with the shit and nothing will ever change that. The Hazlett case for instance is a big pile of shit that only leads to more shit, such as the riot, four dead cops, eight dead Mexicans, Reilly cuffing Diego to that chair. Hazlett was the beginning of it all. He suggests that Diego confess to killing the Hazlett family as well as Reilly. No matter what happens next, one thing is certain: Diego is going to San Quentin, and he’s never coming out. However, he gets to decide if he goes as a rat or a legend. Rats don’t fend well, but guys who take the weight, such as the deaths of a wealthy white family that was dumped in the river and an officer, they live like kings in San Quentin. Diego concedes and falsely confesses to killing the Hazlett family and Officer Reilly.

After forcing a confession from Diego, Tiago and Lewis celebrate with Vanderhoff, Murphy and the rest of the force. They raise a glass in Tiago and Lewis’ honor.

Maria and the Beast[]

Goss and Kurt take Brian to the outskirts of town to show him where his laboratory will supposedly be built if he does as Goss’ asks of him. Los Angeles is also to be the Fuehrer’s home. Unbeknownst to them, Lewis takes photos of their clandestine meeting from the bushes.

Brian continues his work on the rocket engine from a local diner. Dottie joins him and asks about Goss. Brian claims that he hasn’t heard anything from the Germans, however, Lewis joins them and confronts Brian with a photo of his meeting with Goss. He demands to know why Brian is lying to him. Brian explains that the Germans aren’t as evil as the media portrays them to be. And unlike Lewis, they actually appreciate his work. When Dottie was younger, she didn't have comic books, she had the Yiddish theater. Her family had a troupe that performed in a tavern back East. They had King Lear, Faust, and dozens of their own plays in Yiddish. However, not everyone loved their Jewish theater. So, one night, they broke in while Dottie’s father was there. They beat him so bad that he lost an eye. They then proceeded to burn down the theater with all their plays inside. Some men create, while others destroy. Dottie asks which man Brian wants to be. Brian thunks it over and asks Lewis and Dottie to protect him. Lewis tells Brian that he can stay with Dottie, where he can be safe.

Lewis calls Tiago over and informs him of his investigation into the Third Reich in LA. He shows Tiago a photo of his friends Anton and Sam, who were killed. He informs Tiago about Goss and Brian. Tiago tells Lewis that he should let it go, but Lewis refuses. He’s collecting on the debt that Tiago owes him by framing Diego. Dottie arrives and Lewis introduces her as the third operative of their investigation. She tells Tiago how she’s ran guns to the Cubans during the Spanish-American war. Lewis puts Dottie on surveillance while he and Tiago collect on some debts.

Lewis and Tiago watch Kurt and Goss from their car outside the diner. He explains to Tiago that he had to put Brian away as he isn’t sure where his loyalty lies. The Germans are crafting a rocket that could destroy everything. Lewis then tells Tiago about his family in Germany. His distant cousins came to LA, and he took them to the beach. His second cousin, Manny, lives in Rhineland. He used to cross the border to buy chocolate because it was cheaper. He even sent Lewis some chocolate once. Two years ago, Germany invaded Rhineland. This was bad for Manny, who was both a Jew and a queer. So, they stuck him on a meat hook. Took films of it and sent it to Adolph in Berlin. These are the type of people they’re dealing with. Lewis pulls out his gun and ensures that Tiago is with him. He wants to follow Goss and Kurt around the corner to their vehicle and kill them. However, before they can act, Goss and Kurt are joined by Councilman Townsend, Alex, and Miss Adelaide. Lewis holsters his gun as their investigation just became complicated.

Hide and Seek[]

Lewis and Tiago convene at a diner to figure out how Townsend and Miss Adelaide are connected to the Germans. Tiago volunteers to investigate at the Temple. Tiago fears that they won’t be able to save Los Angeles. Lewis replies that they’re just trying to survive her.

Lewis confronts Townsend and Alex over their dinner with Richard Goss. Townsend claims that he’s a donor. Lewis isn’t convinced and wants to know what Goss wants from them. Townsend claims that Goss is invested in the future of Los Angeles. Lewis warns Townsend that he’s out of his league. Townsend tells Lewis that the next time he comes, he better bring a search warrant. As Lewis leaves, Townsend tells Alex to warn Miss Adelaide.

Alex approaches Lewis as he’s leaving the building and tells him that Townsend will never give Lewis up. Alex reveals that Goss is Cologne and an architect. He’s been in LA for a year. Lewis wonders why Alex is telling him this. She replies that she has nothing to gain. She already lost it all. Her parents were in Vienna when Hitler invaded. Alex hasn’t been able to speak to them, assuming they’re alive. She reveals her real name to be Alexandra Mahler. Townsend knows her as Malone. Alex offers her assistance. In Yiddish, Lewis tells her to tell him every time Townsend goes to see Goss. Alex warns Lewis that Goss is dangerous, and he tells her to keep in touch.

Tiago lays in bed with Molly. Lewis knocks on the door and discovers that Tiago has been hooking up with her. He tells Tiago to meet him downstairs. Lewis tells Tiago that he went to see Townsend, who is up to his neck in problems. He also noticed a big map of a new motorway in Townsend’s office. It came from a construction company called Via Hermosa Development. Tiago recalls seeing the same map in Miss Adelaide’s office, suggesting that they’re all working together to build the motorway. Lewis discovered that there were a lot of dummy paperwork and shell companies behind Via Hermosa that all come down to Richard Goss. This all adds up to the future of Los Angeles. Lewis wants to break into the Via Hermosa offices to find a connection. Lewis doesn’t care that Tiago is hooking up with Molly, but he tells him not to lie to him anymore. Tiago tells Lewis that Molly doesn’t know about her mother or the Nazis. Or at least he suspects that she doesn’t. Out of nowhere, a single gunman opens fire on them and they take cover behind the vehicle. The gunman runs out of ammo and leaves in a hurry.

Sing, Sing, Sing[]

Lewis and Tiago recover from their shootout with an unknown assailant. Lewis is more upset that his car was shot up. He suspects that this may be the doing of the Pachucos, as revenge for Diego, but Tiago replies that Tommy guns aren’t their style. He then suggests the Temple, but Tiago is doubtful. One thing Lewis knows for certain is that it involves the Nazis. And he wants to hit them back.

Lewis tracks Goss down to a country club and confronts him in regards to his loyalties to Hitler and killing Jews. Lewis tells Goss that he knows who he is and that he tried to kill him. Lewis puts his gun on the table and encourages Goss to kill him now, if he sees fit. However, he refuses. Goss warns Lewis that he doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. However, Lewis makes mention of Via Hermosa Development, Councilman Townsend, Joyful Voices Ministry, and that place in Topanga. Goss reveals that he knows of Lewis’ alignment with Brian. Goss will find him and pry whatever secrets he holds out of his brain. Lewis tells Goss to leave his partner and friends alone and only kill him if that’s what he wants. He tells Lewis that he doesn’t need to hurt him. Goss knows all about Lewis; his wife Miriam, who died years ago, his son, Felix in Glendale, who he has an estranged relationship with, and his daughter, Beth, who lives in New Jersey with her two children and is pregnant with another. Goss congratulates Lewis, referring to him as Daniel. He says that Lewis will look back on this day and weep for all he knows and all he’s lost. Lewis raises his gun to Goss but puts it back in its holster and leaves.

Lewis goes to see Benny Berman in Beverly Hills. Lewis is in need of help. Benny tells Lewis that if he makes him his friend, it’s for life. Lewis agrees.

Lewis tells Dottie to sit tight. He’ll be done in a couple hours. Dottie tells Lewis not to worry. She’s teaching Brian how to play Mahjong. Captain Vanderhoff then tells Lewis it’s time for Diego’s transfer. The San Quentin boys will meet him at union station, and Diego will be put on a train. Lewis escorts Diego out in handcuffs. He recalls Lewis saying he would be the King of San Quentin. Lewis tells Diego that word has spread that he took the heat, and therefore, he will own San Quentin. Lewis is then joined by Murphy. They put Diego into the back of a car, as he is bombarded by the press.

Lewis rides in the back of the police vehicle as Diego is being transported to Union Station. Suddenly, the vehicle stops. Lewis is held down by his fellow officers as Diego is taken out of the car and hanged from a street light by Murphy and several other officers.

Day of the Dead[]

Lewis arrives at the Crimson Cat in search of Tiago. He reveals that the cops lynched Diego in Belvedere Heights. He’s hanging from a street lamp. Lewis fears how the Mexicans will respond once word spread. He tells Tiago to ensure that his family gets home while Lewis takes Molly to Tiago’s apartment.

Lewis and Tiago ride through Belvedere Heights. They hit several checkpoints. Lewis fears that soldiers patrolling the streets and train stations with machine guns is next. They pull up to Tiago's family home, where Lewis reveals that he, Dottie, and Brian have been hiding out. They enter to find Raul and Brian playing cards. Lewis warns Raul not to be scammed by Brian. In the kitchen, they find Maria, Dottie, and Benny.

Tiago asks to talk to Benny and Lewis privately. Lewis explains that the Nazis are onto them and Dottie’s house is no longer safe. Brian has figured out the rocket and they need to get him out of town as soon as possible. Benny plans to take him down to Baja, where he has a private airfield. They will fly him secretly to New York, where Mr. Lansky will take care of him.

Lewis, Tiago, Brian, and Benny head towards the airfield. Unbeknownst to them, they’re being followed by Kurt, who has been on their tail since they left Belvedere Heights. They tell Brian that he’s headed for New York, where he’ll be well taken care of. Brian then makes mention of a bomb he's been constructing. After he figured out the rocket, he had a new idea of Nuclear fission. It’s similar to a thousand suns exploding all at once. It’s almost limitless. Capable of destroying a city. Lewis questions if they is truly what Brian wants to offer the world.

Lewis, Tiago, Benny, and Brian come to a stop near the beach. Lewis asks Brian to join him for a talk. They walk alongside the shore, where Lewis comments on the stars above. As Brian gazes up, Lewis fires two shots, presumably killing Brian.

While at a gas station, Lewis hears over the radio that Molly is dead. He relays this information to Tiago, who almost instantly starts to cry.

Destruction of Belvedere Heights has commenced. Many homes and stores are knocked down. Alex, Townsend, Goss, Kurt and Miss Adelaide watch. Tiago and Lewis spot them across the way. Tiago presumes they’ll be coming for him and Lewis, who retorts that the two of them will act first. Tiago refers to this for what it truly is; popular control. They cut off the Chicanos with a barrier of concrete and Steel, forcing them into the ghetto. And from there, another freeway will be put up around the coloreds. And then the Jews. And lastly the Chinese. They’re not building roads, they’re building walls. This is not the United States of America, Tiago says.

Appearance and Personality[]

Lewis is a middle-aged Jewish man with light brown eyes and graying hair.

Powers and Abilities[]

Lewis has law enforcement training.


Season 1[]

Memorable Quotes[]

"We got four bodies in the morgue, we got a fucking race riot all scheduled for tomorrow, and you're taking the day off? Listen, pal, in this life, you're a cowboy or you're an Indian. You better fucking choose."
—Lewis to Tiago[src]

"I'm a cop. I'm here to serve and protect. Come on. Don't make me hurt you. I had about the worst week of my life, too, and believe me, when a Jew says that, it fucking means something."
—Lewis to Brian[src]