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Little Scorpion is the seventh episode in Season 2 of Penny Dreadful.


Vanessa and Ethan flee to the Cut-Wife's cottage on the lonely moors and draw closer - until a figure from the past resurfaces. Back in London, Lyle and Frankenstein uncover even more disturbing information from the Verbis Diablo relics. And Lily reveals she isn't quite what she appears to be.


The morning after, Sembene and Ethan discuss Ethan's transformation. Sir Malcolm doubts Vanessa's story of feeling surrounded by some powerful force at the ball from the night before.

Vanessa and Ethan retreat to the Cut-Wife's cottage on the moors, where they become accustomed to the surroundings until a figure from Vanessa's past resurfaces. On the first night, Ethan leaves hastily as the full moon illuminates a flock of sheep and he changes. Vanessa awakens to Ethan cutting down the tree where the Cut-Wife had been murdered. The pair fall into a pattern of familiarity: gardening, target practice, cooking, and dancing. While observing a thunderstorm, a bolt of lightning strikes the roof and a fire starts. This incites Ethan and Vanessa to kiss, although she acknowledges the danger in their intimacy and instantly stops. They are approached by Sir Geoffrey, the man responsible for the Cut-Wife's murder. This later prompts Vanessa to recite from the Verbis Diablo book which leads to Sir Geoffrey's death. Ethan angrily confronts Vanessa about her actions and his fear that she has lost her soul by murdering Sir Geoffrey.

Lyle and Dr. Frankenstein learn more about the Verbis Diablo relics. Lyle acknowledges the dangers of the demon pursing Vanessa. Interpreting the relics about a relationship between Amunet and Amun-Ra, gods who believed in their immortality and love but would be ultimately dangerous if ever joined, he indicates there is a cycle involving Vanessa: the Demon, the Scorpion, and the Hound.

Lily continues to be intrigued by Dorian and her new found life, visiting a wax museum and later a public house. She meets a man at the bar, with whom she has sex with and then strangles to death.

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