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Mariner's Inn is a riverside inn on the show Penny Dreadful. Situated on the River Thames near the London Docks, it benefits from steady trade from sailors and stevedores alike.[1] Long time resident Brona Croft resided here, also plying her trade as a lady of the night.

Mariner's Inn was the site of a grisly event that came to be known as the Mariner's Inn Massacre. On a night of the full moon Warren Roper and Mr. Kidd accosted Ethan Chandler in an attempt to bring him home to Ethan's father. Unbeknownst to the pair, Chandler was a werewolf, and once his lupine nature took hold there was little to stop him running amok in the establishment.[2] Roper was later found alive, but carrying horrific injuries from the incident, the sole survivor after the rest of the bar patrons met their end in a savage mauling. The inn was promptly shut down as a crime scene investigated by Scotland Yard inspector Bartholomew Rusk.[3][4]

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