Memento Mori is the eighth episode in Season 2 of Penny Dreadful.


The Creature unleashes his rage over Lily on Frankenstein. Inspector Rusk discovers a connection to Ethan Chandler. Sir Malcolm goes to confront Evelyn - but quickly finds himself assaulted by another one of her deadly enchantments.

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Lily wakes up next to the corpse of the man she had killed the night before. Caliban, discovering that she is missing, lets loose his anger on Dr. Frankenstein over the events involving Lily, reminding Victor that Lily belongs to him. When she returns home, Victor asks that they leave London, but Lily refuses.

Malcolm is visited by Inspector Rusk, making the connection between Ethan and him. By remembering the events from the year before, Malcolm's connection to Evelyn begins to falter. Evelyn attempts to hurt Malcolm by using the voodoo doll; however, Sembene helps to break the spell. Malcolm begins to have visions of the people important to him and Evelyn is unsuccessful at controlling her power over him. He goes to visit Evelyn where he is attacked by the witches. Evelyn promises Malcolm eternal life and companionship if Vanessa is given to her Master. He rejects her offer, and she traps him in a room which contains the coffin of his departed son. He weeps as he holds the body, and is then haunted by the bodies of his wife and Mina.

Lily and Dorian continue to spend time together. He returns home to find that Angelique has discovered his secret room. They stand before the portrait, as he asks if she can love him. Despite declaring her love for him, Dorian kills her by poison, while looking upon the painting of an older man wrapped in chains.

Caliban confronts Lily, and in doing so, reveals her cruel side. Demonstrating her ability to hurt him, both physically and emotionally, she declares her independence from the submission of man. She seduces a stunned Caliban, revealing her plan to murder Victor.

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