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Witches who have embraced Darkness.


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Fresh Hell

Nightcomers (commonly called witches) are featured in Season 2 of Penny Dreadful. They are compared to snakes: beautiful and fascinating on the outside, but at the last minute turning on you.[1] Some say that it is worse to be chased by these servants of the devil than by the devil himself.


Nightcomers are witches who were once daywalkers, but have since become devoted servants of the Devil and other Dark Gods. They have the appearance of bald human beings with pale skin, and possess a glowing shade of yellow within the irises of their eyes, which are surrounded by black scleras rather than the usual white. Their bodies are covered in a variety of scratches and scars that, according to Miss Ives, are the Devil's mark upon them as significance of their servitude. They are fluent in the Verbis Diablo, "The Word of the Devil", described in theology as the corruption of the angelic language.

The Nightcomers that associate with Evelyn Poole favor an antiquated style of dress more appropriate to the Late Medieval or Renaissance eras than the Victorian period. Although Poole herself often wears Victorian dress both in public and at home, her minions only wear Victorian fashion when out and about.

Nightcomers will hiss, somewhat like a snake, when mocking or threatening other witches.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Agility: Nightcomers can move much faster than ordinary people when in their more monstrous form. It is unclear whether this a function of their mastery of the occult, or an inherent trait of their transformed state.
  • Longevity: Nightcomers maintain their youth through their practice of dark magic. Evelyn Poole is known to be well over two-hundred years old by the time she first encountered Vanessa Ives.[2]
  • Fetishism: Nightcomers harness the power of simulacra, notably dolls crafted to resemble individuals, in order to more easily enchant a target.[3]
  • Illusion: Nightcomers have been seen to blend in to their surroundings.[4]
  • Psychokinesis: Nightcomers have through practice of dark magic learned to move objects with their mind.
  • Transformation: Nightcomers can shift between their human and inhuman forms almost instantly. Within seconds, a Nightcomer's skin and eyes have returned to a normal color, the marks of the devil are hidden, and a full head of hair has grown. Whatever clothing the Nightcomer was wearing will also reappear. The transformation into a nightcomer's unholy form can only occur at night.[5]
  • Verbis Diablo: Nightcomers are fluent in the so-called "Word of the Devil", and use this language for their spells.
  • Necromancy: The practice of Dark Magic through either ritual sacrifice or the summoning of Undead Creatures.

Named Nightcomers[]