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My name is Peter Craft. And I live not too far from here. I have two boys. Tom and Trevor, they are called, and I will do anything to keep them safe. So if there's a fight down the street, I keep my boys out of it. Why should their noses get bloodied in someone else's fight?
— Peter[src]

Peter Craft (real name Peter Krupp) is a main character on Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. He is portrayed by Rory Kinnear.[1]

Peter is a successful German pediatrician and the head of the German-American Bund, an organization he hopes will keep the United States isolated from the growing threat of war in Europe.[1]


Peter was born and raised in Essen, which is also the home of the Krupp factories, Germany’s armorers for 400 years. For centuries, the Krupp factories make the blades and bullets for all wars. They sell death to the world. Peter's real name is actually Peter Krupp. In the war, Peter saw what the machines could do. He saw the blood and the wounds. This is his family’s legacy that he can’t escape. However, he won’t embrace it either.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Santa Muerte[]

Peter spends the morning with his sons, Tom and Trevor. They are joined by the maid, Maria Vega. Linda joins them in the kitchen and warns him that he’ll be late for work, leading to the topic of the new roads being built through Belvedere Heights. Before he leaves, Mr. Craft tell Maria that Mrs. Craft needs to rest today and that his wife should not take any alcohol. He asks her to let him know if his wife ends up having any alcohol today. He then awkwardly asks Maria how her children are. She answers that they’re good and he tell her that if any of them are ever sick, to come to him. She thanks him before he leaves. On his drive, he has a recorder play some English phrases for him to practice, in order to improve his English.

At his clinic, Dr. Craft treats a young boy named Frank, who supposedly has asthma. In reality it is all a ruse as Elsa is merely one of Magda's personas; a German refugee who is intent on getting close to Dr. Craft. Elsa notices his accent and asks where he is from. He replies Essen. Elsa claims that she's from Berlin but now lives in Boyle Heights with the Jews. It is difficult for her there. Her husband is American and like all Americans, he listens to wrestling on the radio and drinks beer. He is curious about nothing. He knows nothing. And he says that Elsa has to be American to. Peter asks if Elsa's husband hurts her, which she claims he does. Frank, too. She grabs Peter's hand and tells him that he's a kind man who she wishes she could've met in Essen. Peter becomes nervous and pulls away. He reminds her of their appointment for next week before sending her on her way. Once he is alone in his office, Peter goes to his closet, where his old military uniform from the German Army hands along with alongside an American and Nazi flag.

Peter marches into a Los Angeles park with his fellow comrades in his German military uniform, waving an American and Nazi flag. They are the German American Bund. He introduces himself and explains that he would do anything to keep his family safe. He believes that American has a duty to keep them safe as opposed to interfering in foreign affairs. He proposes that they enjoy their lives in America and leave the Old World to itself.

Dead People Lie Down[]

Peter takes his sons, Tom and Trevor to the beach. Tom explains that their sand castle won’t look right without a parapet. When Tom calls Trevor ignorant for not knowing what a parapet is, Peter corrects him and explains that Trevor is merely ill-informed. Peter looks over and notices Elsa with her son Frank, at the beach as well. Peter greets Elsa and welcomes her and Frank to join him and his boys.

Peter and Elsa go for a walk and discuss their lives post WWI. Elsa then asks about Peter’s wife. He explains that she burns in the sun, so she stayed home. Elsa replies that her husband is the same. Although, she and Frank love the beach. She looks at the ocean and dreams of going to Tahiti. She claims that after the war, she was living in the basement of a shoe store with her baby sister. There was no food in Berlin, so they had to leave. They went to a country where there should’ve been food, but there were only soldiers. It’s where she met her husband, and even then, she had no desires to be with him, but he had food, so she did what she had to. She cries and struggles to tell her story. Peter comforts her, agreeing that sailing off to Tahiti would be nice. Peter offers Elsa and Frank a ride home, but she insists that she’s fine. She shakes his hand as they part ways.

At the Craft house, Peter has sex with his wife, Linda. He imagines that it’s Elsa and gets rough with her, grabbing her by her throat. Afterward, Linda scolds him, reminding Peter that she’s his wife, "not some San Pedro tart."

Wicked Old World[]

Dr. Craft calls Laura into his office and asks if Mrs. Branson has arrived for her appointment, but she hasn’t. Laura tried calling her home, but she didn’t answer. With that being said, Peter tells Laura to cancel his appointments for the day. He then drives over to Elsa's home, where he finds Frank crying in the front yard with his toys. Peter knocks on the door. Elsa answers, sobbing and bruised. She invites Peter inside, and he tends to her wounds. Elsa claims that her husband can’t control his anger, and Frank makes him angry, so she sends him outside. Frank is having difficulty fitting in at school. Mr. Branson tells him to fight back, but Frank is far too small. Elsa explains that Frank is all that she has. Peter assures her that it’ll get better. When he first came to America after the war, it was difficult, but he found his German friends and offers to introduce Elsa to them. He also invites Elsa and Frank to his son’s birthday party on Sunday. Peter then kisses her. Elsa pulls away, explaining that it can’t happen, at least not in Mr. Branson’s house. Peter then leaves, passing Frank as he gets in his car.

Josefina and the Holy Spirit[]

The Crafts hosts Tom’s birthday party in his backyard. Peter has invited his German comrades. As the kids play, Ackermann talks about how the Bund has to get to the radio. While the Jews own most of the stations, the Catholic stations remain a possibility. Peter mocks Ackermann’s plan of having them work alongside a radio show cult. Peter then greets Elsa as she arrives at the party. Trevor approaches and tells Frank to come join him and the other kids with the piñata. Elsa mentions that she baked a cake and brought Frank’s sleeping bag over as he’ll be spending the night. Before Peter can get the chance to introduce Elsa to his wife, Ackermann joins them. He detects from her accent that she’s from Berlin, even pinpointing exactly where. Peter, seemingly growing jealous, invites her to meet the rest of the guys. Elsa scolds them for turning Peter’s backyard into a beer hall. They ask Elsa to sing a beer house song. She proceeds to sing in German with the rest of the Bund joining in, including Peter. Elsa inches towards Peter as they continue to sing, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Linda, who watches from the top of the hill at the open bar.

Peter follows Elsa inside the house. He finds her upstairs in his study and shuts the door behind him. She compliments his home and his life. It’s the life she dreams of. Peter slowly approaches Elsa from behind and pulls her close. The two proceed to have sex, staring out the window as the party continues down below.

Children of the Royal Sun[]

The Crafts play a game of Sorry! together as a family. Tom and Trevor explain the rules of the game to their father. Tom then asks Peter to buy a magazine subscription as his debate team is raising money for a trip. Peter offers to buy all 10. Trevor wonders if that’s cheating, which alarms Peter. The phone rings. Linda tells Peter to let it ring, but he answers it. Elsa is on the other end. She asks him to come over as something’s happened to her husband. Peter grabs his bag and tells them that he has to leave for an emergency. Linda is unconvinced and starts smoking, stating that it was too good to last.

Peter arrives at the Branson home to find Elsa crying and covered in blood. She points towards a man who she claims to be Mr. Branson. His bloody body lays on the floor next to a kitchen knife. She claims that she couldn’t be raped again. Fortunately, she sent Frank away, so he didn’t have to see. Peter grabs the shower curtain from the bathroom to wrap the body in. Peter and Elsa bury Mr. Branson’s body in the woods in a shallow grave. They embrace each other and kiss, leading to them having sex on top of the freshly covered grave of Elsa’s alleged husband.

How It Is With Brothers[]

Peter has filed for a divorce from Linda. He blames himself. He hasn’t been able to give her what she needs, and he can see that she's unhappy. Linda claims that she can change and be happier, however, Peter has already made up his mind. He’s moving Linda out and Elsa in. He reminds her that no authority in the state will side with her. He has arranged for her to be checked into a sanitarium to be treated for intemperance and hysteria. He tells her that she will go there without a hint of unpleasantness if she wishes to see their boys again. Linda knows Peter. While he may feel strong, she promises him that he isn’t.

Maria and the Beast[]

Peter explains to Tom and Trevor that their mother is sick and that he had to send her away. Maria adds that sometimes life changes for the better even though it may not seem so. Elsa and Frank arrive outside, and Peter and Maria help move them in. Peter explains to Tom that the Bransons will be staying with them for a while, however, Tom is upset, exclaiming that he doesn't need a new mother or brother.

Peter brings Maria sheets to her new room. He tells her that this new arrangement is only temporary until Frank gets settled in. Maria tells Peter that he doesn’t have to explain himself to her. She then offers him a cigarette. He can’t imagine what Maria must think of him after sending Linda away and moving Elsa in. Maria replies that all families have their secrets. Peter will need Maria’s help now more than ever. She’s always been a part of their family. He then asks her opinion of Elsa. Maria replies that she’s clean and pretty. Peter fears that this is all too new for Elsa and that she will need some help as well. Maria tells Peter that she’ll keep an eye on Elsa, as she prepares to leave for home. Peter kisses Maria on the cheek and leaves.

Peter and Elsa lay in bed. What a life he has given her. She promises Peter that she’ll be good to his boys. However, she wonders about Maria. Elsa questions if having a mixture of cultures under the same roof is good for the boys. She makes her people’s food for them and they speak Spanish. Elsa adds that if the boys are to learn another language, shouldn’t it be German. She drops the question as Peter informs her that Maria is a good woman and has known the boys since they were babies. He then expresses to Elsa how happy he is to be with her, and she tells him that he’ll be the strong man he always dreamed of being.

Hide and Seek[]

Peter visits Linda at the clinic. She asks about their children. Peter replies that they’re doing well. Linda reveals that her hair hasn’t been washed in two weeks and they cut her nails so that she wouldn’t scratch her eyes out. And her roommate is from Bakersfield. She has a dairy farm with her husband and misses her cows. Peter has brought custody papers for Linda to sign. However, she will have her family’s lawyer look over the papers. Linda warns Peter that she won’t be locked up forever and that her father had some ideas on how to best litigate their domestic travails. Linda tells Peter that he can keep the kids and the house. She’ll go to Reno and wait out the divorce. However, as soon as it’s all legal, Linda will make it her mission to take Peter’s life apart. She calls Peter a fraud and wonders what he’ll do when everyone finds out who he really is. She tells him to bring a lawyer next time he visits. Peter then leaves.

Peter and Elsa attended a diner for the German-American Bund. Peter tells Herman that his ideas are tired and unworthy. Herman explains that the Fuehrer is intent on purifying Germany, but Peter wants to keep them separate, which Herman argues will allow the world to become overrun by mongrel races. Herman wants to take the radio and warn people of what the Juden are. Herman wants to show America who their shared enemy is and take their fight to their enemy. Peter tells Herman that his arguments about the war and Jews are filled with rage. Herman accuses Peter of not even sounding German. Elsa adds that neither is Hitler. When her child asks her about their plight, she tells him about their place in the world and how Germans believe in dignity for everyone.

On the ride home, Elsa tells Peter that Herman was right about his stance against the Jews and the impending war, however, she couldn’t allow him to talk to Peter like that. She was embarrassed for him. As the Bund leader, she needs Peter to lead. She’s tired of living in shame. She will fight for her freedom and country and needs to know that Peter will fight for her. However, Peter argues that being German doesn’t mean marching with Hitler. He wants peace for Germany and America. Elsa demands to know where his pride is, as she refuses to be nice to those who have treated them so badly. Peter pulls the car over and replies that his pride is in what he does for Elsa and his family. It’s not in the Fatherland or his name. Peter reminds Elsa how he was raised in Essen, which is also the home of the Krupp factories, Germany’s armorers for 400 years. For centuries, the Krupp factories make the blades and bullets for all wars. Right now, they are busy making panzer tanks and Stuka dive-bombers for Hitler. They sell death to the world. Peter reveals that his real name is actually Peter Krupp. In the war, Peter saw what the machines could do. He saw the blood and the wounds. This is his family’s legacy that he can’t escape. However, he won’t embrace it either.

Elsa demands that Peter fire Maria after Tom got hurt on the stove, but he can’t afford to lose Maria. He accuses Elsa of making the incident bigger than what it was. Frank merely burned his hand and it wasn’t Maria’s fault. Elsa questions if Peter will be the strong man she needs or will he allow an old Mexican woman to be a monster in the house. Maria interrupts to tell them that she’s going home for the night. Elsa then looks to Peter to fire Maria, however, he gives her a $5 raise instead.

Sing, Sing, Sing[]

Tom and Trevor play in the backyard while Peter and Elsa discuss the effects that her moving in had on the boys. Peter blames himself for being so selfish; for moving their mother out and moving Elsa in so abruptly. He now thinks that he should’ve waited. Elsa tells Peter that he’s a good man and that they will see their way through this. Elsa suggests that they go to the movies as a family to see the new Robin Hood film.

Peter, Elsa, Tom, Trevor and Frank drive to the movie theatre. Peter tells them about the first film he ever saw. When he was born, they didn’t have movies. A man to Essen with a big tent. He set up a projector and they all paid a nickel. He switched on his lamp, and he turned the handle. And for the first time, they saw pictures. Trevor replies that it sounds boring. Peter retorts it was the first time he saw the world.

Day of the Dead[]

Peter, Elsa, Tom, Frank, and Trevor are on their way home from the movie theater after seeing Robin Hood. Peter then notices an angry mob of Mexicans coming down the road. He tells the boys to sit back and lock the doors. Frank suddenly screams, startling Peter. He presses the gas and rams a Mexican man with his car unintentionally. Rio continues to incite violence and shouts "they’re killing us," to further anger the crowd. Fly Rico attempts to de-escalate the matter but it is now beyond his control. Rio and several others attack the Crafts car. A group of sailors and local white men notice the chaos and instantly attack the rioters, causing an all out brawl. A man takes a baseball bat and smashes Peter’s window, lodging a shard of glass into Tom’s forehead. He removes the glass and Tom screams in pain.

Peter lays in bed with Tom and comforts him over the wound he sustained on his head during the riot from the smashed glass. Tom questions why they hurt him when he didn’t do anything to them. He cries and Peter holds him close. Tom says that he hates them, but Peter tells him never to hate anyone nor allow hate in his heart. It will consume him until there is nothing left of him.

Elsa listens to the radio as a city-wide curfew is announced. She asks how Tom is doing. Peter replies that he’s scared. Now, he will never know what it’s like to not be scared. He’ll forever fear the outside world. Elsa promises Peter that children are strong and that they’ll recover. She then tells him that he needs to make a statement on behalf of the Bund. Elsa explains that with this being a racial war, they either stand on the side of Aryans or the mongrels. Peter demands that Elsa stop such talk as he is not a Nazi. He teaches his son not to hate. He has seen what it has done to other children. Elsa explains that she simply wants the boys to be proud of who they are. They have enemies that want to hurt them and for that, they must pick a side and teach the boys to be strong. Elsa claims that after the war, when she let American soldiers use her body so that she could have food for her baby sister, they spat on her and slapped her. She thought that she would never be proud again and live in constant shame. And then she met Peter, who taught her to be proud. She tells Peter that she needs him to be who he truly is: Peter Krupp. She then salutes Hitler.

Peter sits in his office, contemplating his next move. He grabs a pendant from his drawer and places it around his neck, looking at a family photo of Tom and Trevor before saluting Hitler.

Appearance and Personality[]

Peter is a white man in his late 30s to 40s with light brown hair and blue eyes. While he is the leader of the German American Bund, he insists that he's not a Nazi and opposes war and violence.

Powers and Abilities[]

Peter has medical Training. With him being a registered physician, he has acquired a great deal of medical skills and training.


Season 1[]

Memorable Quotes[]

"My name is Peter Craft. And I live not too far from here. I have two boys. Tom and Trevor, they are called, and I will do anything to keep them safe. So if there's a fight down the street, I keep my boys out of it. Why should their noses get bloodied in someone else's fight?"


Peter is portrayed by Rory Kinnear, who previously portrayed Creature in the original Penny Dreadful series.