My name is Peter Craft. And I live not too far from here. I have two boys. Tom and Trevor, they are called, and I will do anything to keep them safe. So if there's a fight down the street, I keep my boys out of it. Why should their noses get bloodied in someone else's fight?
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Peter Craft is a main character on Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. He is portrayed by Rory Kinnear.[1]

Peter is a successful German pediatrician and the head of the German-American Bund, an organization he hopes will keep the United States isolated from the growing threat of war in Europe.[1]


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Peter spends the morning with his sons, Tom and Trevor. They are joined by the maid, Maria Vega. Linda joins them in the kitchen and warns him that he’ll be late for work, leading to the topic of the new roads being built through Belvedere Heights. Before he leaves, Mr. Craft tell Maria that Mrs. Craft needs to rest today and that his wife should not take any alcohol. He asks her to let him know if his wife ends up having any alcohol today. He then awkwardly asks Maria how her children are. She answers that they’re good and he tell her that if any of them are ever sick, to come to him. She thanks him before he leaves. On his drive, he has a recorder play some English phrases for him to practice, in order to improve his English.

At his clinic, Dr. Craft treats a young boy named Frank, who supposedly has asthma. In reality it is all a ruse as Elsa is merely one of Magda's personas; a German refugee who is intent on getting close to Dr. Craft. Elsa notices his accent and asks where he is from. He replies Essen. Elsa claims that she's from Berlin but now lives in Boyle Heights with the Jews. It is difficult for her there. Her husband is American and like all Americans, he listens to wrestling on the radio and drinks beer. He is curious about nothing. He knows nothing. And he says that Elsa has to be American to. Peter asks if Elsa's husband hurts her, which she claims he does. Frank, too. She grabs Peter's hand and tells him that he's a kind man who she wishes she could've met in Essen. Peter becomes nervous and pulls away. He reminds her of their appointment for next week before sending her on her way. Once he is alone in his office, Peter goes to his closet, where his old military uniform from the German Army hands along with alongside an American and Nazi flag.

Peter marches into a Los Angeles park with his fellow comrades in his German military uniform, waving an American and Nazi flag. They are the German American Bund. He introduces himself and explains that he would do anything to keep his family safe. He believes that American has a duty to keep them safe as opposed to interfering in foreign affairs. He proposes that they enjoy their lives in America and leave the Old World to itself.

Dead People Lie DownEdit

Peter takes his sons, Tom and Trevor to the beach. Tom explains that their sand castle won’t look right without a parapet. When Tom calls Trevor ignorant for not knowing what a parapet is, Peter corrects him and explains that Trevor is merely ill-informed. Peter looks over and notices Elsa with her son Frank, at the beach as well. Peter greets Elsa and welcomes her and Frank to join him and his boys.

Peter and Elsa go for a walk and discuss their lives post WWI. Elsa then asks about Peter’s wife. He explains that she burns in the sun, so she stayed home. Elsa replies that her husband is the same. Although, she and Frank love the beach. She looks at the ocean and dreams of going to Tahiti. She claims that after the war, she was living in the basement of a shoe store with her baby sister. There was no food in Berlin, so they had to leave. They went to a country where there should’ve been food, but there were only soldiers. It’s where she met her husband, and even then, she had no desires to be with him, but he had food, so she did what she had to. She cries and struggles to tell her story. Peter comforts her, agreeing that sailing off to Tahiti would be nice. Peter offers Elsa and Frank a ride home, but she insists that she’s fine. She shakes his hand as they part ways.

At the Craft house, Peter has sex with his wife, Linda. He imagines that it’s Elsa and gets rough with her, grabbing her by her throat. Afterward, Linda scolds him, reminding Peter that she’s his wife, "not some San Pedro tart."

Wicked Old WorldEdit

Dr. Craft calls Laura into his office and asks if Mrs. Branson has arrived for her appointment, but she hasn’t. Laura tried calling her home, but she didn’t answer. With that being said, Peter tells Laura to cancel his appointments for the day. He then drives over to Elsa's home, where he finds Frank crying in the front yard with his toys. Peter knocks on the door. Elsa answers, sobbing and bruised. She invites Peter inside, and he tends to her wounds. Elsa claims that her husband can’t control his anger, and Frank makes him angry, so she sends him outside. Frank is having difficulty fitting in at school. Mr. Branson tells him to fight back, but Frank is far too small. Elsa explains that Frank is all that she has. Peter assures her that it’ll get better. When he first came to America after the war, it was difficult, but he found his German friends and offers to introduce Elsa to them. He also invites Elsa and Frank to his son’s birthday party on Sunday. Peter then kisses her. Elsa pulls away, explaining that it can’t happen, at least not in Mr. Branson’s house. Peter then leaves, passing Frank as he gets in his car.

Josefina and the Holy SpiritEdit

The Crafts hosts Tom’s birthday party in his backyard. Peter has invited his German comrades. As the kids play, Ackermann talks about how the Bund has to get to the radio. While the Jews own most of the stations, the Catholic stations remain a possibility. Peter mocks Ackermann’s plan of having them work alongside a radio show cult. Peter then greets Elsa as she arrives at the party. Trevor approaches and tells Frank to come join him and the other kids with the piñata. Elsa mentions that she baked a cake and brought Frank’s sleeping bag over as he’ll be spending the night. Before Peter can get the chance to introduce Elsa to his wife, Ackermann joins them. He detects from her accent that she’s from Berlin, even pinpointing exactly where. Peter, seemingly growing jealous, invites her to meet the rest of the guys. Elsa scolds them for turning Peter’s backyard into a beer hall. They ask Elsa to sing a beer house song. She proceeds to sing in German with the rest of the Bund joining in, including Peter. Elsa inches towards Peter as they continue to sing, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Linda, who watches from the top of the hill at the open bar.

Peter follows Elsa inside the house. He finds her upstairs in his study and shuts the door behind him. She compliments his home and his life. It’s the life she dreams of. Peter slowly approaches Elsa from behind and pulls her close. The two proceed to have sex, staring out the window as the party continues down below.

Children of the Royal SunEdit

The Crafts play a game of Sorry! together as a family. Tom and Trevor explain the rules of the game to their father. Tom then asks Peter to buy a magazine subscription as his debate team is raising money for a trip. Peter offers to buy all 10. Trevor wonders if that’s cheating, which alarms Peter. The phone rings. Linda tells Peter to let it ring, but he answers it. Elsa is on the other end. She asks him to come over as something’s happened to her husband. Peter grabs his bag and tells them that he has to leave for an emergency. Linda is unconvinced and starts smoking, stating that it was too good to last.

Peter arrives at the Branson home to find Elsa crying and covered in blood. She points towards a man who she claims to be Mr. Branson. His bloody body lays on the floor next to a kitchen knife. She claims that she couldn’t be raped again. Fortunately, she sent Frank away, so he didn’t have to see. Peter grabs the shower curtain from the bathroom to wrap the body in. Peter and Elsa bury Mr. Branson’s body in the woods in a shallow grave. They embrace each other and kiss, leading to them having sex on top of the freshly covered grave of Elsa’s alleged husband.

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