Peter Spencer Murray (1865 - 1888)[1] was the son of Sir Malcolm and Gladys Murray, the younger brother of Mina Murray and long time friend of Vanessa Ives. It was always expected that they would eventually be betrothed.

Peter lived his youth under the pressure to become a true Murray's heir/man/whatever, but, of course, his attempts to become just so were met only with his father's disappointment and scornful, toxic remarks.

Once Peter accompanied sir Malcolm on his trip to Africa. In a seeming pursuit to become a real man/hunter/whatever, Peter was left to die alone by his father. His body was mauled and eaten by savanna animals, and then his remains rotted, until there was nothing left of him. Therefore, Peter's body was never buried on the Murrays' family graveyard; they put an empty coffin into the ground.

Sir Malcolm named a mountain after his son. 


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