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Proteus is a man reanimated by Victor Frankenstein in his quest to "Pierce the tissue between life and death." Proteus however is not the first of the good doctor's creations. He was preceded by the Creature, an earlier creation of Frankenstein's. He names himself, as Dr. Frankenstein presents his creation with a paper copy of William Shakespeare's "Two Gentlemen of Verona", and instructs him to stop the randomly turning pages with his hand, effectively picking the nearest name from the book at random.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Proteus is a young man, reanimated by Dr. Victor Frankenstein in secret during his experiments. It appears that Proteus is made from the corpse of only one man unlike his brother the Creature who was made from the body parts of many executed criminals. There appears to be some physical trauma present, with stapled wounds around his scalp, chest & neck. His reanimated body appears to have the ability to heal itself, as it is seen at his "birth" that he has several burst capillaries in his eyes, which dwindle over the course of his next few scenes.

His personality is that of a newborn, albeit with learning rapidly accelerated by possessing the fully matured brain of the man he was before death. Motor memory, such as the ability to walk and eat, is already present. Knowledge of significant words from his past life, such as technical terms for ship structures and his wife's name, Doreen. These are the main reasons Victor suspects he was a sailor before death. Proteus appears to lapse from ignorant wonder, to sudden clarity and understanding when triggered by the memories recovered during his visit to the port. He begins to question his existence, who he is, and why Victor created him, advancing angrily until Ethan Chandler and Brona Croft interrupt them.

After Proteus was killed by the Creature, the Creature notes that he has been watching Victor and Proteus for some time now, and Proteus's learning ability is greatly improved over his own, but this may be down to not being abandoned at birth and having a teacher.


Most of Proteus' life before his death is unknown, but one thing that is known is that he lived a life as a sailor, and he expressed a familiarity with the hunting of whales. Towards the end, he also recalled having a wife named Doreen.


Proteus was quite naive about the world around him. By degrees he could be fearful, or perplexed when confronted with situations that were new to him. He was also amnesiac, having retained very little memory of his old life.


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