Reanimated human
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Deceased humans brought back to life through scientific methods.


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Night Work

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The Blessed Dark

Reanimated humans are people reanimated by the extreme science of Victor Frankenstein in his efforts to "Pierce the tissue between life and death." They were once normal, living people before their demise, until their bodies became experiments of Dr. Frankenstein. Through a combination of surgical procedures, preservative techniques, and an infusion of electricity powered by harnessing the electrostatic power of lightning, these once dead people have risen anew.

Others have observed that reanimated humans are left with icy cold hands, similar to a corpse.


Victor's first such creation was a man assembled from various body parts. The Creature, as he is sometimes referred, is a mockery of humanity, disfigured and pale skinned with baleful yellow eyes. Frankenstein's abandonment of his first creation left the creature with no guidance, and his formative steps in the world left him with bitter experiences and a grudge against his creator.[1]

Proteus was a vastly improved attempt at bringing the dead back to life. He had been a sailor in life, or at least his memories were consistent with such an occupation, and his ability to learn was observed to be more rapid than that of his predecessor.[2]

A third attempt at reanimating a person became the first attempt with the body of a woman when the terminally ill Brona Croft was asphyxiated by Frankenstein, who was acting under duress to provide the Creature with a mate.[3] Victor soon took to calling her Lily, along with the pretence that she was his cousin. He developed an attraction towards her which further frustrated the Creature, for whom Lily had no affection. Eventually, Lily began experimenting with social interaction outside of Frankenstein's household, ultimately turning to murder when fragments of her past caused her to recall how men had once abused her.[4] Later, it is shown that she had fully regained the memories of her past and of her former self as Brona, showing a great improvement in her reanimation when compared to the others

Named Reanimated Humans Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Strength - reanimated humans have been shown to have strength significantly exceeding a normal human strength level.
  • Resilience - those who have been reanimated from death are much more resilient than a normal human. Gunshot wounds to the torso have little effect, although the Creature has admitted that a shot to the back of the head would kill him.
  • Enhanced Stamina - reanimated humans are said to rarely tire.
  • Immortality - the Creature described himself and his kind as "immortals", suggesting that the reanimated do not age normally as humans do.


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