You see, we believe this place is the future of America. What is New York but a filthy remnant of Old World beliefs filled with rat peddlers? But Los Angeles... this is a place where a man can live under the sun and spread his arms... where there's breathing room. The Fuehrer looks here and dreams.
— Richard to Councilman Townsend[src]

Richard Goss is a recurring character on Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. He is portrayed by Thomas Kretschmann.[1]

He is an aristocratic and mysterious German architect with grand plans for the future of Los Angeles: a manipulative master builder with unsettling connections to City Hall. [1]

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Santa Muerte[edit | edit source]

Richard Goss of the building-architecture firm, Goss and Ossenberg meets with Councilman Townsend. His company is responsible for many roadways in Germany, and he wishes to do the same in Los Angeles, however, he can’t because they can’t hire foreign companies for security reasons. Richard explains that he means to make Charlton the Mayor of Los Angeles, which Alex agrees isn’t far off. He’ll help Charlton reach that goal in exchange for government contracts allowing them to build more motorways. He believes Los Angeles is the future of America. He reveals that he already has victory plans underway. They are well connected; agents in the aircraft factories, ports, and film studios. Should Charlton refuse his offer, Richard points to his driver Kurt, who is a Gestapo, otherwise known as the official secret police of Nazi Germany. If he doesn’t see their interaction end with a handshake, Richard has instructed Kurt to take his gun and shoot Charlton in the head. Charlton says that he won’t betray his company, but Richard assures him he will and the two shake hands and part ways, not before Richard salutes to Hitler.

Dead People Lie Down[edit | edit source]

Richard and Kurt attend Councilman Townsend's press conference at City Hall. He holds up the blood soaked uniform of the now deceased 27 year old Officer Maynard West. He points to Maynard’s wife, Gloria. She now has to tell their 4 year old son that his father's dead. Townsend demands justice. He claims that the Mexicans fired first, and for that they cannot afford to show mercy. Townsend claims that they killed Officer West because of the motorway. He wishes to make it a symbol for justice, and therefore plans to introduce a motion to the City Council to remake it the "Maynard West Memorial Motorway."

While driving Richard into the hills, Kurt notices that they're being followed. He stops the car and shoots Anton and Sam in the head twice before pushing their car off a cliff.

Wicked Old World[edit | edit source]

Goss and Kurt have dinner with Townsend and Alex, where they discuss the construction of the motorway. The money goes through Via Hermosa Development and various charitable organizations. However, the details, as Goss put it, is off no concern to Townsend. Goss explains that Via Hermosa translates to "beautiful street." He then makes a snide remark in regards to Townsend’s figure and his audacity. Alex tries to end the meeting, but Townsend first orders Goss and Kurt to kill Councilwoman Beck, who's declared war against him. Townsend reminds Goss that it’s his motorway and that if he doesn’t like it, he can "shove his Via Hermosa all the way up your Via-fucking-ass." If Councilman Beck becomes an obstacle, Goss assures Townsend they’ll handle it in their own way. He then reminds Townsend that he speaks for Adolf Hitler. And when the Wehrmacht is marching down Sunset Boulevard, Townsend will either be at their side or under their boots. Townsend grows uneasy and hastily exits. Alex is concerned, explaining that she’ll have to deal with the repercussions of this for the next week. Before departing, she tells them that they’re not as smart as they think.

Josefina and the Holy Spirit[edit | edit source]

Goss and Alex watch the recording of Kurt and Townsend having sex. They hope that the day never comes that they’ll have to use it. "Better he’s with your guy than hustlers on the street," Alex says. This way, she protects him from himself.

Children of the Royal Sun[edit | edit source]

Goss gets a call from Kurt, informing him of an unknown woman meeting with Brian Koenig about his work. Kurt then calls Goss from a phone booth to inform him of Dottie’s interference in their plans. Goss orders Kurt to find out who the woman is. Then they will discuss what to do with Brian. Goss then looks over a 3-D model of the motorway.

Maria and the Beast[edit | edit source]

Goss and Kurt take Brian to the outskirts of town to show him where his laboratory will supposedly be built if he does as Goss’ asks of him. Los Angeles is also to be the Fuehrer’s home. Goss promises Brian the idea of a better world, however, Brian worries that he can’t figure out how to construct the engine for the rocket. Unbeknownst to them, Lewis takes photos of their clandestine meeting from the bushes.

Goss and Kurt go to a restaurant. They discuss Townsend and how his home is far too modern for someone with a councilman’s salary. Kurt also remarks that Townsend bought a new tie to impress him, but Townsend has made no mention of his father. He won’t even drive down Townsend Boulevard. Goss remarks that Townsend can’t escape his bloodline. Kurt explains that Townsend isn’t as foolish as he thinks. He has a passion for his work and the city. Goss tells Kurt that he’s done his job admirably, though Kurt doesn’t appear to be too happy with the circumstances, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Goss, who tells him that he’s only as useful as he is cold-hearted. Otherwise, he’s just another useless American. They are joined by Councilman Townsend, Alex, and Miss Adelaide Finnister.

Sing, Sing, Sing[edit | edit source]

Lewis tracks Goss down to a country club and confronts him in regards to his loyalties to Hitler and killing Jews. Lewis tells Goss that he knows who he is and that he tried to kill him. Lewis puts his gun on the table and encourages Goss to kill him now, if he sees fit. However, he refuses. Goss warns Lewis that he doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. However, Lewis makes mention of Via Hermosa Development, Councilman Townsend, Joyful Voices Ministry, and that place in Topanga. Goss reveals that he knows of Lewis’ alignment with Brian. Goss will find him and pry whatever secrets he holds out of his brain. Lewis tells Goss to leave his partner and friends alone and only kill him if that’s what he wants. He tells Lewis that he doesn’t need to hurt him. Goss knows all about Lewis; his wife Miriam, who died years ago, his son, Felix in Glendale, who he has an estranged relationship with, and his daughter, Beth, who lives in New Jersey with her two children and is pregnant with another. Goss congratulates Lewis, referring to him as Daniel. He says that Lewis will look back on this day and weep for all he knows and all he’s lost. Lewis raises his gun to Goss but puts it back in its holster and leaves.

Day of the Dead[edit | edit source]

Goss tasks Kurt with finding Dottie. They’ve been following Lewis’ son and searched his apartment but they came up empty handed. Kurt suspects that maybe they’re hiding Brian with Lewis’ partner. He tells Kurt to bring Brian back alive, though he can do with the others as he pleases. Later, Goss, Kurt, Alex, Townsend, and Miss Adelaide attend the demolition of Belvedere Heights.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

Goss is an older man with blue eyes and brown hair. He is an active Nazi and follower of Hitler.

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Season 1[edit | edit source]

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

"You see, we believe this place is the future of America. What is New York but a filthy remnant of Old World beliefs filled with rat peddlers? But Los Angeles... this is a place where a man can live under the sun and spread his arms... where there's breathing room. The Fuehrer looks here and dreams."
—Richard to Councilman Townsend[src]

"Oh, Daniel, robust representative of your tribe, you shall one day look back on this trip into the lion's den and weep for all you know and all you've lost."
—Goss to Lewis[src]

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