But there are so many corpses to gather. Everywhere I look, and every step I take, I wade through that agony. I have no heart to care for man.
— Santa Muerte to Maria Vega[src]

Santa Muerte is a recurring character on Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. She is portrayed by Lorenza Izzo.[1]

She is the Angel of Holy Death and sister of the charismatic demoness, Magda.[1]

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Santa Muerte[edit | edit source]

Many years ago, Santa Muerte and Magda are having a conversation regarding humanity. Magda questions why Santa Muerte shows such compassion for mankind when they’re nothing more than frightened animals, unworthy of devotion and care. She offers to prove it to her by letting them be who they are. By making all their dreams come true and by whispering to them. "All mankind needs to be the monster he truly is is being told he can." Santa Muerte has no heart for the living and therefore has no desire to stop her sister, who proceeds to walk through the field, setting it ablaze, killing several men, including Jose Vega. Tiago reaches out for his father as he screams in agony. Tiago runs into the field towards his father, who is in the hands of Santa Muerte. She extends her hand and pushes Tiago several feet back.

Present day, Los Angeles, 1938. Maria Vega prays before a shrine for Santa Muerte. A large gust of wind blows out the candles and knocks Maria over. Santa Muerte emerges from the darkness, demanding to know why she was awakened. Maria claims that she can feel the evil near and begs for help. Santa Muerte explains the prophecy to Maria: "A time will come when nation will battle nation, when race will devour race, when brother will kill brother... until not a soul is left." Where or not that time is now is unclear. Santa Muerte has many corpses to gather. Everywhere she looks, every step she takes, she wades through that agony, and therefore, she has no heart to care for man. Maria believes that the time the prophecy spoke of is now and pleads with her to intervene, but Santa Muerte refuses, even as Maria claims that she’s slept for too long. She asks if Santa Muerte will continue to sleep as her sister conquers all. Santa Muerte roars at Maria and disappears.

Dead People Lie Down[edit | edit source]

Maria lights a candle and prays to Santa Muerte to save Raul. The candle blows out. Maria opens her eyes to discover that Raul is gone. She proceeds to follow the trail of blood. Unbeknownst to her, Santa Muerte is right behind her. Maria turns around and is startled by Raul, who has removed the bandage from around his head.

Josefina and the Holy Spirit[edit | edit source]

Santa Muerte walks a dusty road in Ensenada, Mexico. She comes across a parlor as two Jewish men speaking Hebrew exit a truck. Also at the parlor, is a Mexican family, including a little girl. A car with three men inside pulls up and opens fire. Though it appears the two Jewish men were the target, the Mexican family is killed in the gunfire as well. The shooters jump in the truck and pull off with the goods belonging to the Jewish men. And as for Santa Muerte, she’s left with the tasks of guiding the souls to heaven, starting with the little girl whom she carries in her arms.

Maria and the Beast[edit | edit source]

Maria prays to Santa Muerte. She asks why her sister is attacking her family. Santa Muerte tells Maria that she thinks too highly of herself, but Maria is certain of it. Her family is being taken from her one by one, and all at once. Maria can smell Magda and feels her on her neck. Maria blames Santa Muerte for doing nothing. Magda joins them and blames her sister for tormenting the Vegas. She asks Santa Muerte if she remembers the agony of when she turned on her. Santa Muerte made her choice and is suffering for it. She even sheds a tear. Magda tells her sister to weep in darkness and forever. Santa Muerte lowers her head and disappears into the darkness.

Day of the Dead[edit | edit source]

Santa Muerte enters the Crimson Cat, where the Vega family has gathered, as well as the Pachucos. Santa Muerte casts a cool gaze over the Vega family, and a cold one at Rio. The following night, Santa Muerte surprises Molly in the pool of the ministry. Greeting Molly as a sister, she asks if Molly wants the top or bottom bunk. Delighted to finally meet the sister she never had, Molly tells Sante Muerte that it is her choice. The Angel of Holy Death catches Molly in her arms as she dies from her slit wrists.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

Santa Muerte takes the appearance of a tall, brown-skinned woman with otherworldly yellow eyes. She is clothed entirely in layers of white lace, and wears a crown in the shape of a halo, decorated with skull imagery.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Invisibility: Santa Muerte can only be seen by those she allows to see her.
  • Aerokinesis: Santa Muerte can seemingly generate gusts of wind strong enough to blow out candles and to force a human several feet away from her.
  • Marking: Santa Muerta can mark individuals. Tiago Vega bears a scar in the shape of her handprint on his shoulder.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I have no heart for the living. For anything."
—Santa Muerte to Magda[src]

"But there are so many corpses to gather. Everywhere I look, and every step I take, I wade through that agony. I have no heart to care for man."
—Santa Muerte to Maria Vega[src]

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