I already have a mother and a brother.
— Tom to Peter[src]

Tom Craft is a recurring character on Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. He is portrayed by Julian Hilliard.[1]

He is the son of Peter and Linda Craft.[1]


Tom is the youngest son of the Crafts. He and his older brother, Trevor were born and raised in Los Angeles.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Santa MuerteEdit

Tom and Trevor spend the morning getting ready for school in the kitchen with their father. They are joined by the maid, Maria Vega. Their mother joins them in the kitchen and warns Peter that he’ll be late for work, leading to the topic of the new roads being built through Belvedere Heights.

Dead People Lie DownEdit

Tom and Trevor go to the beach with their father. Tom explains that their sand castle won’t look right without a parapet. When Tom calls Trevor ignorant for not knowing what a parapet is, Peter corrects him and explains that Trevor is merely ill-informed. Peter looks over and notices Elsa with her son Frank, at the beach as well. Peter greets Elsa and welcomes her and Frank to join him and his boys. Frank joins Tom and Trevor as they build their sand fort. Tom relates it to the film Beau Geste. They arm the sand fort with toy soldiers, separating the dead soldiers from the Arabs. Frank knocks the soldier over, explaining that dead people lie down, which concerns Tom. Later, Peter offers Elsa and Frank a ride home, but she insists that she’s fine. She shakes his hand as they part ways, and Frank says goodbye to Tom and Trevor, the former seemingly growing ever so suspicious of Frank.

Josefina and the Holy SpiritEdit

Tom has his birthday in the backyard of his home. Surrounded by his friends, they plat with the piñata, knocking out the candy inside. Frank merely watches as the kids rush to the ground to recover the candy.

Tom and Trevor have a sleepover at their house. Tom tells a scary story, frightening all the boys. Frank then tells the true story of the horrific death of Florence Moore. She was 12 years old when a man kidnapped her right outside her school. Her father arranged to pay the ransom and drove to meet the kidnapper. He saw Florence sitting in the passenger seat of the man’s car, staring at him. The father paid the ransom, but the kidnapper drove off with her. He stopped at the end of the street and dumped Florence out of the car. He had cut off her arms and legs, and held her eyes open with wires so that she would look alive. Florence lived in Pasadena. Just a few blocks away.

Later that night, Tom is awakened from his sleep by Florence Moore. She tells him that it hurt when the man cut her up, as she was still alive. Terrified by what he assumes to be a nightmare, Tommy turns over and closes his eyes. He opens his eyes and looks to foot of his bed to see Florence without any limbs and her eyes pulled open with wires.

Children of the Royal SunEdit

The Crafts play a game of Sorry! together as a family. Tom and Trevor explain the rules of the game to their father. Tom then asks Peter to buy a magazine subscription as his debate team is raising money for a trip. Peter offers to buy all 10. Trevor wonders if that’s cheating, which alarms Peter. The phone rings. Linda tells Peter to let it ring, but he answers it. Elsa is on the other end. She asks him to come over as something’s happened to her husband. Peter grabs his bag and tells them that he has to leave for an emergency. Linda is unconvinced and starts smoking, stating that it was too good to last.

How It Is With BrothersEdit

Tom sits outside his house, playing in the grass with Maria while his parents are inside discussing a divorce, unbeknownst to him.

Maria and the BeastEdit

Peter explains to Tom and Trevor that their mother is sick and that he had to send her away. Maria adds that sometimes life changes for the better even though it may not seem so. Elsa and Frank arrive outside, and Peter and Maria help move them in. Peter explains to Tom that the Bransons will be staying with them for a while, however, Tom is upset, exclaiming that he doesn't need a new mother or brother.

Frank gets settled in with Tom. He asks to play with Tom's boy and arrow set. Tom explains that it’s from Robin Hood, an outlaw who robs the rich and gives to the poor, he explains to Frank, who is unfamiliar with the character. Tom then shows Frank his hamster, Friar Tuck. Frank appears intrigued and asks Tom to help him be a good brother.

Frank lies awake at night. He questions how Tom can sleep with his hamster’s wheel squeaking all night. Knowing Friar is there makes Tom feel safe, he replies. Frank claims that he’s scared and misses his father. He asks to get in bed with Tom, who reluctantly agrees. Franks lies next to Tom and holds his hand. He asks Tom if he misses his mother and then tells Tom that he loves him, because they’re brothers now. He then asks Tom to say I love you, back to him. Frank then glares over at the hamster as it plays on the squeaking wheel until it suddenly dies.

Hide and SeekEdit

Tom digs a hole in the backyard to bury his dead hamster. Maria joins him and assures Tom that his hamster is in heaven, as it was simply his time. However, Tom claims that Frank killed Friar Tuck. Maria believes Tom, but she tells him not to repeat this to anyone. She then gives him a necklace with a coyote on it for protection. Unbeknownst to them, Frank watches from the window.

Tom and Trevor listen to the radio in the living room. As Maria is washing dishes, Tom screams out for her. She finds Tom and Trevor standing across from Frank. He notices the coyote necklace around Tom’s neck and looks at Maria. The lights suddenly go out. As Maria looks for a flashlight, the boys disappear. She follows the low growls and eerie whispers up the steps. She is startled and drops the flashlight. She picks it up and finds Frank standing in front of her. Tom then screams out for Maria. She follows the screams to his room, but no one is there.

Sing, Sing, SingEdit

Peter, Elsa, Tom, Trevor and Frank drive to the movie theatre. Peter tells them about the first film he ever saw. When he was born, they didn’t have movies. A man to Essen with a big tent. He set up a projector and they all paid a nickel. He switched on his lamp, and he turned the handle. And for the first time, they saw pictures. Trevor replies that it sounds boring. Peter retorts it was the first time he saw the world.

Day of the DeadEdit

Peter, Elsa, Tom, Frank, and Trevor are on their way home from the movie theater after seeing Robin Hood. Peter then notices an angry mob of Mexicans coming down the road. He tells the boys to sit back and lock the doors. Frank suddenly screams, startling Peter. He presses the gas and rams a Mexican man with his car unintentionally. Rio incites violence and shouts "they’re killing us," to further anger the crowd. Fly Rico attempts to de-escalate the matter but it is now beyond his control. A man takes a baseball bat and smashes Peter’s window, lodging a shard of glass into Tom’s forehead. He removes the glass and Tom screams in pain.

Peter lays in bed with Tom and comforts him over the wound he sustained on his head during the riot from the smashed glass. Tom questions why they hurt him when he didn’t do anything to them. He cries and Peter holds him close. Tom says that he hates them, but Peter tells him never to hate anyone nor allow hate in his heart. It will consume him until there is nothing left of him.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Tom is a young white boy with brown eyes, light hair, and glasses.


Season 1Edit


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