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There are things within us all that can never be unleashed.

If you cannot endure the nightmare, you should not lie down for the sleep.
— Dr. Frankenstein

To be different. To be powerful. Is that not a divine gift?
— Dorian Gray

Such guilt you carry. This shame, it hangs around your neck. There is only one way to free yourself of guilt. Embrace your sins.
— Hecate Poole

There are tremors around us. Like the vibrations of a note of music. Hidden music. Some might be more attuned to them than others. What do those people do, those who have been chosen?
— Vanessa Ives

Do you believe there is a demimonde, Mr. Chandler? A half world between what we know and what we fear? A place in the shadows, rarely seen, but deeply felt. Do you believe that?
— Vanessa Ives

You have to give them names or theyʼll never come to life.
— Vanessa Ives
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