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"Do we got ourselves a monkey here?"
— Roper to Ethan Chandler[src]

Warren Roper is a Pinkerton agent hired alongside Mr. Kidd to bring Ethan Chandler back to the United States on the order of Chandler's father.

Appearance and Personality[]

Roper is a very aggressive and sardonic man, with a dark sense of humour. His repeated provocations of Ethan, and his outburst after he attacked them the first time, show a man who is quick to anger. This is further backed up by him repeatedly kicking Ethan's chair, shortly before he attacks them at the Mariner Inn.

He dresses in a casual style, and speaks with a slight hint of a Western Accent, similar in tone to Ethan.

After the attack at the end of "Grand Guignol", Roper is seen with his face heavily bandaged, with one part of his face mutilated, in the episode "Verbis Diablo". He is set to become a serious antagonist for Ethan, driven solely by revenge at losing both his friend Mr. Kidd and also over his disfigurements.

To cover his facial mutilations, he is seen at some point in Season 2 donning a metal and leather mask over one side of his face.

Season 1[]

Grand Guignol[]

Warren is first seen approaching Ethan in a bar, telling him that his father has requested him to come back to America. Ethan, in response to verbal threats by Roper and Kidd, proceeds to attack them before escaping the bar.

Later, after Brona has died, Kidd and Roper once again attempt to get Ethan to return to the states, asking him mockingly if they'll need to use a large chain to drag him back there, commenting "Do we have a monkey here?".

Ethan then attacks Kidd and Roper in his partial werewolf form, leaving them both for dead, as well as butchering all the locals present.

Season 2[]

Verbis Diablo[]

Roper, who survived Ethan's rampage at the inn but was badly mutilated, is questioned by the police regarding the attack.

It is unknown whether or not Ethan has infected him with Lycanthropy, but Roper is glimpsed in the Season 2 trailer wearing a leather and metal mask over one side of his face, prowling the streets of London for Ethan, aiming for revenge.

And Hell Itself My Only Foe[]

Roper surprises Chandler and Ives at the home of the deceased Joan Clayton. He forces Ives to handcuff Chandler and remarks if he should scalp Ives before or after he rape her. This sets off a fight between the three, with Roper repeatedly hitting Ives and stabbing Chandler in the shoulder. Ives retrieves the knife from Chandler and the duo alternate turns of kicking and stabbing Roper.