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Lupus Dei
The Wolf of God


One who transforms into a wolf-like appearance.


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Grand Guignol

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Perpetual Night

Werewolves are humans who undergo a transformation into savage, wolf-like beasts on the night of a full moon. The werewolf, Ethan Chandler, is referred to as Lupus Dei, the Wolf of God.


When transformed, werewolves are strong and ferocious predators. The only werewolf transformation witnessed in the series so far has occurred on the night of a full moon. Werewolves do not appear able to force a transformation outside of full moon, nor do they seem to possess any control their savage nature once transformed. However, Ethan has halted in the face of attacking both Vanessa Ives[1] and Hecate Poole.[2]

The transformation itself is not severe; they remain essentially humanoid in appearance, but of larger stature and with wolf-like eyes, ears, claws and fangs. The transformation can be fought but it can not be prevented from occurring.

When transformed, werewolves are seemingly mindless predators and will prey on animals and humans for food. Remains found at the scenes of these killings have been severely mutilated, with limbs having been dismembered.

Werewolves are apparently powerful enough to make even nightcomers wary; although Evelyn Poole was irritated at her minions' failure to capture Vanessa, she conceded that Chandler's presence and werewolf status was a problematic obstacle, albeit one that could be overcome.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Shapeshifting: Werewolves are able to turn into hybrids of men and wolf when the full moon is high in the sky.
    • Enhanced Strength: A transformed werewolf is strong enough to effortlessly rip through flesh, throw grown men through the air and break through wooden walls. Strong steel chains can restrain them, but common handcuffs have proven too fragile to hold for long.
    • Enhanced Agility: A werewolf was shown to be able to kill and maim a large number of humans in rapid succession, before they could react.
    • Enhanced Resistance: It has been implied that werewolves are tough and that trauma from a silver weapon might be one of the few ways to kill one.[3]
    • Wolf Physiology: In their transformed state werewolves posses sharp claws capable of rending human flesh and a set of pronounced canine fangs, casually able to crush bones. 
  • Lycanthropy: Werewolves are able to turn humans into another werewolf. Though the method is unknown, it is heavily implied to be through blood contact. Ethan promptly refused when his blood was requested to help Fenton, and Kaetenay was able to turn Ethan into a werewolf in order to "give him the power to save all people". 


  • Animal Atavism: Werewolves who may be good-natured in a fully human state can suffer an acute loss of control when their bestial nature takes hold. The snarling rage of a werewolf has been observed to result in indiscriminate killings where the beast will slaughter rooms full of people.

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